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“Facts Are Stubborn Things”

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da·ta /ˈdadə,ˈdādə/


Noun: facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis.
example: “there is very little data available”

Similar: facts, figures, statistics, details, particulars, specifics, features, information, evidence, intelligence, material, background, input, proof, fuel, ammunition, statement, report, return, dossier, file, documentation, archive(s), info, dope, lowdown, deets, gen

Computer Science: the quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer, being stored and transmitted in the form of electrical signals and recorded on magnetic, optical, or mechanical recording media.

Philosophy: Things known or assumed as facts, making the basis of reasoning or calculation.

“Without big data, you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a freeway.” — Geoffrey Moore.

“In God we trust, all others bring data.” — W. …

“Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humby