December 15, 2019

*DISGRACE – U.S. Students Trail Way Behind Chinese Counterparts in Worldwide Exam:

U.S. teens are far behind their Chinese counterparts in an exam taken by students around the world, The Wall Street Journal reports. The test, called the Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, is given to a representative sample of about 600,000 students in 79 countries and education systems every three years. U.S. students showed an average reading score of 505 out of 1,000, a math score of 478, and a science score of 502, trailing behind Chinese students in each subject.

China had the highest scores of all nations in all three subjects, topping perennial leader Singapore with an average reading score at 555, math at 591, and science at 590. “The scores are flat. We’re struggling in math in comparison to our peers around the world,” said Peggy Carr, the associate commissioner of assessments for the National Center for Education Statistics. “We’re sliding with regard to our most struggling readers.” The results also show a widening gap between higher- and lower-performing students in the U.S. in reading and math.

*Piers Morgan Rips BBC For Making Films That Teach Kids There Are 100 Genders :

Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan wasted no time in tearing to shreds a claim that there are at least 100 genders for human beings, a position the BBC is teaching to young children in a series of educational videos.  Morgan went so far in mocking the 100-gender theory by proposing that he could identify as a “two-spirit, neutrois penguin,” and no one could, under the new gender-identity rules, argue otherwise.During the lengthy segment on Sept. 7, Piers Morgan argued that there are two genders, male and female, and that transgender people, for a variety of reasons, may identify as the gender opposite to their anatomy, either male or female.  Journalist Bejamin Butterworth, a gay man brought on to defend the the BBC films tried to argue that people may gender-identify in myriad ways.

Early on, Morgan asked Butterworth to describe his, Morgan’s gender. Butterworth said he assumed Morgan was a “cis-man,” which apparently means a biological male who identifies as a man. “Listen, I’m not a cis-man, you keep calling me a cis-man, I’m a man,” said Morgan. “Well that’s fine!” said Butterworth. “And that’s how you can identify.”“Stop calling me it!” replied Morgan.  “I feel insulted and offended that you keep calling me a cis-man when actually I’m a man. You see how this works? When you get into the offence business right, when you get into the offence business when everyone is offended by all these terminology, I’m offended by you calling me a cis-man.”

A little later in the segment, Morgan said, “Can I identify as a a penguin at the Sealife Aquarium in London, that is currently being reared as gender neutral, apparently has gay parents.  Let me just say this, can I under this new world of self-identification, can I identify as a two-spirit, neutrois penguin

*DISGRACE – Federal Debt Up $1 Trillion in FY19

As of Sept. 4, the federal debt had already increased by more than a trillion dollars in fiscal 2019 with more than three weeks to go in the fiscal year, according to data released by the U.S. Treasury. At the close of business on Sept. 28, 2018, the last business day of fiscal 2018, the total federal debt was $21,516,058,183,180.23, according to the Treasury. At the close of business on Sept. 4, 2019, it was $22,517,297,955,639.18.

At that point, the federal debt had increased by $1,001,239,772,458.95 in fiscal 2019.As of Sept. 6, 2019, the latest day for which federal debt numbers have been reported by the Treasury, the debt had risen to $22,532,757,499,591.39.

*Lonely Lives: Alarming Number Of Seniors Go Entire Week Without Talking To Anyone

 For most of us, the older we get, the more we slow down physically. But for some, growing old also means slowing down socially — so much to the point that some home-bodied seniors go days with little to no human interaction. A new survey of British elders sheds light on this sad, but true effect of aging, noting that hundreds of thousands of people often go a week without speaking to a single person. According to the survey of 1,896 seniors over 65 in the United Kingdom, more than one in five (22%) will have a conversation with no more than just three people over the span of an entire week! That translates to nearly 2.6 million elderly folks who don’t enjoy regular human contact on a daily basis. Perhaps most alarming though is researchers say an alarming 225,000 individuals will go a week without talking to anyone face-to-face.

“A friendly ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’ is something most of us take for granted – it’s just part of every day life, but these latest figures show that hundreds of thousands of older people in the UK will spend today and the rest of this week alone, with no one to share even a few simple words with,” says Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, which partnered with Cadbury Dairy Milk to commission the research, in a statement. The survey also revealed that 38% of seniors admit to feeling lonely at times as they’ve aged, with 12%, or about one in eight, agreeing that loneliness has kept them from leaving their home.

*Man Calls Police Department to Demand Cops Return His ‘Really Fucking Good Weed’

“I want my motherfucking weed back,” an Ohio man told cops at the Sharonville Police Department when he called to report that two police officers had “stolen” 4 grams of his “prestige weed.” The department posted an audio clip of the phone call on its Facebook page as a reminder that recreational marijuana is not actually legal in the state. “I need to do a complaint about two Sharonville cops. They stole my fucking weed last night,” said the caller, whose name was redacted to protect his identity. “It was only like 4 grams but it was prestige fucking weed. And from what I know 100 grams is cool right?” “You are wrong,” replied the sergeant, who managed to keep his cool during the call.

“Dude where have you been the past two months?” the caller then asked the cop, “two months ago it passed that 100 grams you guys don’t take it, no ticket!” The sergeant informed the man that weed is not, in fact, legal in the county, but the caller insists, “I’m allowed to have up to 100 grams, I know the law, I know my fucking rights!” The man spelled out his full name to the cops, but when he realized his mistake, he told the cops his wife’s name is Marilyn Manson. Sharonville police posted the audio with a caption reminding people that “recreational marijuana is still ILLEGAL.”

*Marianne Williamson: ‘I Didn’t Think the Left Lied like This’

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson (D) revealed that she did not think the left was “so mean” and “lied like this” until she ran for president as an outsider candidate. “I know this sounds naive. I didn’t think the left was so mean. I didn’t think the left lied like this,” Williamson told the New Yorker’s David Remnick in an interview. “I thought the right did that. I thought we were better.” Williamson accused the left of lying about her use of crystals and “crystal gazing,” telling Remnick that there has “never been a crystal on stage” at any of her events and “there is no crystal” in her home.

She accused those on the left of also falsely accusing her of having told AIDS patients not to take their medicines or implying that “lovelessness” causes diseases and “love” is “enough to cure their diseases.”“I’m Jewish, I go to the doctor,” Williamson said, ripping those on the left for labeling her as an anti-science candidate who does not believe in modern medicine. 



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Flu viruses can live up to 48 hours on hard, nonporous surfaces such as stainless steel and up to 12 hours on cloth and tissues. They can remain infectious for about one week at human body temperature, over 30 days at freezing temperatures, and indefinitely at temperatures below freezing.

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 Lottery advertising goes well beyond such virtue branding. States sell dreams of leisure and luxury. Illinois took out billboard ads in low-income neighborhoods advertising “your ticket out”: a lottery. “The most common form of lottery advertisement encourages ‘magical thinking’ by highlighting potentially life-changing effects of winning the lottery,” writes Andrew Clott, a Chicago attorney who has served as managing editor of the Loyola University Chicago Consumer Law Journal. “Typical advertisements focus on hard-working, blue-collar individuals who took a chance on buying a ticket and won big.” These messages downplay or avoid discussion of the long odds. “Someone’s gotta win,” a Massachusetts ad declares.

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