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Medical marijuana fails to improve symptoms of pain, anxiety, and depression – while increasing the risk that patients will develop an addiction to cannabis, a new study warns. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital add that up to one in five users may develop cannabis use disorder (CUD). The findings come from a review of medical marijuana card holders in the United States. A growing number of states now allow the use and sale of medical marijuana to help alleviate the symptoms of conditions including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the side-effects from chemotherapy. “There have been many claims about the benefits of medical marijuana for treating pain, insomnia, anxiety and depression, without sound scientific evidence to support them,” Professor Jodi Gilman said in a media release.

Facebook and Instagram Will Allow Posts Calling for Putin’s Death:

Facebook will allow posts calling for Vladimir Putin’s death in a temporary change to its hate speech policy. Instagram and Facebook users in some countries will be allowed to call for violence against Russian soldiers and civilians in the context of the Ukrainian invasion, according to internal emails seen by Reuters. Meta, which runs the social media sites, told content moderators that posts calling for the death of the Russian President and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko will also be allowed.

Shock at Return of N.Y.C. Teacher Who Sucked Man’s Nipple in Zoom Class:

A Manhattan Spanish teacher yanked from the classroom after investigators found she sucked on a man’s nipple during a Zoom class, returned to the same school this month – stunning students who had witnessed the lewd display. “It’s weird. It’s wrong,” a junior told The Post. “It was so embarrassing for her to come back.” The city Department of Education removed teacher Amanda K. Fletcher from Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering amid the COVID-19 shutdown in October 2020 after investigators found she “engaged in an inappropriate sex act” while remotely instructing her class. During the lesson, “Profesora Fletcher,” as students called her, sat at a kitchen table eating spaghetti with a shirtless man standing behind her. She appeared to “suckle” on the man’s nipple while rocking back and forth, then turned to the camera, smiled and wiggled her shoulders, the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools reported.

Examiner – Lens:

A Ukrainian soldier hides from a helicopter airstrike amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, near Demydiv, Ukraine, March 10, 2022.

Afghanistan’s Finance Minister Now Drives an Uber in D.C.:

The finance minister of Afghanistan before the Taliban took over the country is now driving an Uber in Washington to support his family. Khalid Payenda oversaw a $6 billion budget in his homeland but fled as the country teetered on the verge of collapse. Now the father of four has joined the gig economy and tells The Washington Post, “I feel incredibly grateful for it. It means I don’t have to be desperate.” Payenda is also co-teaching a course at Georgetown University and occasionally speaking at think-tanks as he copes with a sense of rootlessness and failure. “Right now, I don’t have any place,” he said. “I don’t belong here, and I don’t belong there. It’s a very empty feeling.”

Woman Allegedly Attacked by Homeless Man She Let in For a Shower:

A Utah woman’s attempted act of kindness landed her in the hospital in critical condition and a man she believed was homeless now stands accused of slitting her throat after she let him into her house to take a shower. According to the Salt Lake City Police Department, 30-year-old Eric Jones has been booked on charges of aggravated assault after being connected to the grisly scene. On February 6, police responded to calls of a woman bleeding heavily. The woman was transported to a local hospital in critical condition and received emergency surgery. She has since been upgraded to critical but stable and has requested her identity remain private. The SLCPD has requested that the media refrain from contacting her.

Examiner – 20 Years – A Look At 2002

The LBN Examiner was founded on June 1, 2002, an incredible 20 years ago. Let’s take a look back at what was going on in 2002:

** On March 24, at the 74th Academy Awards hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, ”A Beautiful Mind” won Best Picture.

** On March 2, U.S. Operation Anaconda began before dawn in Afghanistan.

Examiner – Lens:

Sleight-of-hand artist Ricky Jay photographed by Richard Avedon in New York City, March 4, 1993.

Examiner – Commentary by Nellie Bowles

** Hunter Biden’s laptop was never disinformation: It’s true. And the mainstream media is finally saying so. But let’s back up for a minute. As the 2020 presidential election heated up, The New York Post broke a wild story: A laptop belonging to Hunter Biden had surfaced at a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware. It had a lot on it. Among photos of him using drugs and cavorting with prostitutes, there was potentially incriminating information about shady payments and gifts from foreign interests. Of particular interest was Biden’s involvement on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, for which he was compensated handsomely while his father was vice president. It was a bombshell – the kind of scoop that could produce months of headlines. And what’s more, Hunter Biden never denied the laptop was his own.

What did the press do? As you probably remember, it declared the laptop and all of its contents disinformation. Likely Russian. Here was former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper saying as much: “To me, this is just classic textbook Soviet Russian tradecraft at work,” former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says as authorities are investigating if recently published emails are tied to a Russian disinformation effort targeting Biden.

The New York Post – the one outlet that reported on the story – was punished by Silicon Valley. Twitter shut down the Post’s account for 16 days and blocked people from sharing any information about the laptop or the news about its content. Anyone who attempted to post the story saw their accounts locked. Facebook said it would “limit distribution” of the story, making sharing the information similarly impossible. The blockade was brilliantly effective. In polite circles, the laptop and its incriminating contents became verboten – if you entertained the story it meant you were a conspiracy theorist. Now, 14 months into his tenure in the White House, buried in the 24th paragraph in a recent New York Times story, is a quiet aside: The laptop was real. And the Times confirmed the veracity of his emails. From the Times: “Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop. The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation.” As Hunter Biden faces a major Justice Department probe, with a grand jury looking for information on his financial dealings around the world, the mainstream press quietly acknowledges that the information they suppressed as fake before the 2020 election was actually true. There are no apologies, of course. If you want to understand why no one trusts the press, this is why.

An Eighth Journalist is Killed in Mexico this Year:

Prosecutors in the western state of Michoacán said reporter Armando Linares was shot to death at a home in the town of Zitacuaro. His killing came six weeks after the slaying of a colleague, Roberto Toledo, from the same outlet, Monitor Michoacán.

Examiner – Lens:

Hotel staff demonstrates “Lantern Dining Experience,” which enables diners to enjoy meals while protecting themselves against the spread of the coronavirus, at Hoshinoya Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan, February 2.

Examiner – (Notable) Remarks:

** Last year you did business in five states in a week – emails from airports, phone calls from taxis, videoconferences from hotel rooms, business meals here and there. Later, when you took vacation in yet another state, you flipped open your laptop now and then to check in with colleagues. Now the bad news: Depending on which states you went to, you may have to file tax returns in all six of them, even if your work there took mere minutes. Ridiculous, right? That’s what the law says, though. According to the Tax Foundation, there are 24 states that require people who did work in their states to file tax returns no matter how short a time they worked or how little income they earned. (Examples are Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania.) In another five states, including California, there’s also no time minimum, although there is an income threshold below which you don’t have to file a return. Most states don’t pursue short-time visitors for nickels and dimes because it’s not worth the effort. You’re unlikely to get a threatening letter from Nebraska because of that work phone call you made when you attended that wedding in Omaha. As written, though, the state laws “make scofflaws of us all,” says Jared Walczak, vice president of state projects at the Tax Foundation. —- Peter Coy

** It may be a TikTok world, but sometimes old hacks know best. James Carville helped Bill Clinton get elected against stiff odds. David Axelrod helped Barack Obama get elected against stiff odds. And Stan Greenberg was the first to identify the fateful trend of Reagan Democrats. All three Dems are speaking out with startling candor about the impending Repubocalypse. Many Americans are fed up. The jumbled COVID response has eroded an already shaky trust in government. Inflation is biting. War is looming. Things feel out of control. People are anxious and reassessing their lives. —- Maureen Dowd

** For the first 15 years of my life, I never heard the word “homosexuality” in my home or school. I only knew about sex at all because in my Catholic primary school, we had a class on the immaculate conception, and I was the smart-ass who asked what a maculate one would mean. In my high school, there were no classes on sex. My Latin teacher – a legend among the boys – talked about it one day, and the morality of gay sex. He was admirably frank about why he thought it was not optimal: “It’s the wrong hole, isn’t it?” The only other explicit encounter I had with the matter in school was when I was sitting in the toilet and noticed a graffito. It read: “My mother made me a homosexual.” And underneath, someone else had scrawled: “If I gave her the wool, would she make me one too?” I’m old but not that old. The speed of change has been dizzying. So it’s a little surreal to read about a 2020 training workshop at the National Association of Independent Schools conference. Here’s one teacher explaining the modus operandi: Starting in Pre-K we talk about their bodies, the parts that they were born with, about penises and vaginas and whether they make somebody a boy or girl. But also their feelings, what do they feel like inside, do they feel like a boy or a girl? What does their head say? Do their heart and their body match up? This is in Pre-K? The NAIS-approved core teaching about sex takes the experience of around 0.3% of the population, and bases the entire sex education of the 99.7% around an experience they do not have, will never have, and have never been faintly troubled by, and does this even before they’ve started kindergarten. You could, I suppose, call this trans inclusion. You could also call it a reductio ad absurdum. —- Andrew Sullivan

** Did you know that even the smallest beams of light in your bedroom can become focal points that draw your attention and distract you from sleep? The disappearance of light in the evening tells the brain that it’s time to wind down. And few people realize that bright-light exposure during the day can improve sleep, since sunlight, especially in the morning, helps to regulate your circadian clock for the day, signaling your brain to wake up. The bigger the contrast between night and day, the better you sleep. —- Joanne Chen

** When a major conflict like Ukraine breaks out, journalists always ask themselves: “Where should I station myself?” Kyiv? Moscow? Munich? Washington? In this case, my answer is none of these. The only place to be for understanding this war is inside Russian President Vladimir Putin’s head. Putin is the most powerful, unchecked Russian leader since Stalin, and the timing of this war is a product of his ambitions, strategies and grievances. —- Thomas L. Friedman


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Crypto Lobbying is Rising Fast:

President Biden signed an executive order on crypto. The move comes amid a rising trend in Washington: crypto lobbyists.

  • In 2020, there were 195 lobbyists supporting crypto. In 2021, there were 320.
  • Last year, crypto lobbying spending jumped 3x, from $2.8m to $9m.
  • Efforts were fueled by big names like Coinbase, Ripple, and the Blockchain Association, with each dropping $2m+.

While the rise is impressive, it’s still a fraction of the spending of the Securities and Investment sector (AKA Wall Street), which spent ~$108m last year.

Examiner – Readers Speak:

Should Coca-Cola speak out against alleged Chinese human rights abuses?

Examiner readers from all 50 of the United States and 26 foreign countries have spoken.

Examiner – Investigates:

** The man accused of pushing a woman in front of a New York subway to her death last month spent decades adrift and mentally ill, a case that illustrates a broken care system. READ

** Brain mapping study suggests seizures affect the same neural circuits responsible for memory formation, providing a link between epilepsy and memory loss. READ

** Visualizing the global debt. READ

** A wind-whipped landing at Heathrow Airport. WATCH

** Why did handshakes become the go-to greeting in most parts of the world? LISTEN

** How edible props, from cockroaches to maggots, are made for movies and TV. WATCH

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Amy LaBelle, Highly Awarded Winery, to Partner with KZ Enterprises for The Winemaker’s Kitchen Show:

LaBelle Winery founder and winemaker Amy LaBelle has partnered with Emmy Award Winning producer Kerri Zane to produce a lifestyle show based on LaBelle’s life as a winemaker, entrepreneur, artisan chef, wife, mom of two teenaged sons, and owner of LaBelle Winery. Zane, a reality TV show development expert, internationally recognized speaker, spokesperson, and #1 fiction best-selling author, has served as executive producer for numerous television series and ran one of the top female-owned production companies in Hollywood.

“I’m so excited to share this entrepreneurial journey with you all and my love of wine, food, and family and help people learn to feed their families healthy, fast, and delicious meals that are budget-friendly and time-saving – a must in today’s society,” LaBelle said. The lifestyle show will take place at LaBelle Winery, which features two restaurants, three wine-tasting rooms, two event centers, a French-styled food market, a golf course, and two vineyards across southern New Hampshire and at LaBelle’s home. LaBelle’s passion is education. Her weekly “Cooking with Wine” classes, “Introduction to Wine” seminars, and “Wine Pairings” classes have kept LaBelle Winery at the forefront of wine education for the last 10 years. In the process, LaBelle has established herself as a well-known and sought-after educator.

LaBelle Winery earned local and national recognition for each aspect of its business, from Certificates of Excellence to Best of Weddings and Top Women-Led Business to the Business Excellence Award 2021. Recent awards include Top Family-Owned Business in NH, 2020 and 2021, from Business NH Magazine; Best Winery & Vineyard, 2020 and 2021, from NH Magazine, Readers’ Choice; and Best of Weddings, 2021, from The Knot.



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