LBN Examiner 05/29/2022


Two-thirds of Americans are trying to keep their financial struggles a secret. A recent survey of 2,000 U.S. adults found that 66% have avoided social events because they’ve felt embarrassed or uncomfortable about their financial situation. Some respondents say they’ve steered clear of birthday parties (33%), weddings (32%), happy hours (31%), and networking events (31%). Recent increases in gas prices and inflation have left 56% feeling “extremely” or “noticeably” more stressed. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Beyond Finance for Mental Health Awareness Month, the survey also found that 67% engage in “stress shopping” when feeling financially overwhelmed and end up buying things they don’t need.

Startling Exodus to Florida Accelerating Despite N.Y. Reopening After COVID Restrictions:

New York has fully reopened after the strict restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic – but migration from the Empire State to Florida has accelerated this year, according to new data. A total of 21,546 New Yorkers swapped their driver’s licenses for the Sunshine State version during the first four months of this year – a 12% increase from the same period in 2021. The 2022 totals are 55% higher than the first four months of the last pre-pandemic year of 2019. Mayor Eric Adams has speculated that the Florida exodus would wane – and that some evacuees would return – once the city reopened. But the end of COVID-19 restrictions and the return of full-time schooling have so far failed to stem the outward tide to cities like Miami, Palm Beach and Jacksonville, according to data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety. A total of 61,728 New York state residents switched to Florida licenses last year – a figure that will be surpassed in 2022 if current trends persist.

Hugs From Partners Reduce Stress Levels in Women – But Not Men:

Women who hug their partner reduce their stress levels, new research reveals. However, a team in Germany finds hugging a lover does not have the same positive outcome for men. Researchers say their findings suggest that hugging their romantic partner before a stressful event – such as an exam, job interview, or presentation – will help keep anxiety levels down for women. They discovered that women who embraced their other half before undergoing a stressful experience had a lower biological stress response, as indicated by levels of the stress hormone cortisol in saliva.

Examiner – Lens:

Civilian casualties in the city of Irpin, Ukraine. “I said such a thing can’t happen,” one Ukrainian woman observed of Russia’s decision to invade. “They haven’t gone completely crazy. Well, you see – they went crazy.”

This Book for N.Y.C. School Kids has AOC Instead of ABCs:

A book intended for 10- and 11-year-olds – which glorifies socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and her far-left “Squad,” knocks religion, and mocks Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – is being distributed to public school libraries. The book, “What You Don’t Know: A Story of Liberated Childhood,” was written and illustrated by Brooklynite Anastasia Higginbotham and appears on a fifth-grade independent reading list labeled “Universal Mosaic.” The DOE’s new Mosaic curriculum is supposed to kick off next year. The picture book centers on a black child who talks about fitting in at school and church and a friend “who’s queer like me.” The boy, named Demetrius, is shown in a church where he says, “Churches can preach all they want about love – the only thing that I feel when I’m here is shame.”

Intel Reports Repeatedly Failed to Forecast Capitol Riot:

Intelligence reports compiled by the U.S. Capitol Police in the days before last year’s riot on January 6 envisioned only an improbable or remote risk of violence, even as other assessments warned that crowds of potentially thousands of pro-Trump demonstrators could converge in Washington and create a dangerous situation. The documents underscore the uneven and muddled intelligence that circulated to Capitol Police officers ahead of the January 6 riot, when thousands of Donald Trump loyalists swarmed the Capitol complex and clashed violently with law enforcement officers in their effort to disrupt the certification of the results of the 2020 presidential election. The intelligence reports in particular show how the police agency, up to the day of the riot itself, grievously underestimated the prospect of chaotic violence and disruptions.

Examiner – 20 Years – A Look At 2002

The LBN Examiner was founded on June 1, 2002, an incredible 20 years ago. Let’s take a look back at what was going on in 2002:

** On May 22, winners at the 37th Academy of Country Music Awards included Brooks & Dunn, Martina McBride & Alan Jackson.

** On May 26, Álvaro Uribe became President of Colombia.

Examiner – Lens:

Actor Adrien Brody.

Wildly (Politically) Incorrect by George Vandeman:

** For all of us Trans-fans who have been wondering about this, an Indian surgeon plans to transplant a womb into a Trans women (that would be originally a man, in case you aren’t keeping up). This would be a world first and could pave the way for biological men to get pregnant.

** The cops are never ever left off the hook. A transgender non-binary named Ezra accused cops who referred to him as “sir” as having committed an “intentional act of bigotry” and a technical “hate crime.” Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up.

** And now we have a new crime! Fairfax County Virginia will punish the crime of “malicious misgendering” at the same level as assault and battery. Anyone want to guess what the hell misgendering is? I guess this means “outing relating to gender identification” and calling people by their biologically accurate pronouns.

** Have you heard of “menstrual dignity?” Not sure I understood until I read about Oregon’s new “Menstrual Dignity Act.” This law requires schools to put feminine products in boys’ bathrooms. The law also requires the schools to post instructions on how to use the menstrual products. Obviously!

** A school district in Philadelphia invites teachers to attend the “Kink, Trans Sex and BDSM” workshop to “learn more about the trans community.” They were taught that there is “no age limit for gender journey,” how to use sex toys and what “puppy fetishes” are. How is your gender journey going?

Covid, Update
** We know how the red states did during COVID, with little or no mandates or lockdowns. Now we see how Sweden’s COVID gamble paid off. Anti-lockdown Sweden logged a lower death rate than many European nations that imposed strict curbs. Sweden became an international outcast when it defied “scientific advice” and decided to rely on people’s common sense. So, the highly controversial hands-off approach has been vindicated.

Colleges and Universities Update
** Here are some of the college and university courses taught in America today. “Nature of Society: Beyoncé and Intersectionality.” “Tree Climbing.” “Harry Potter: Understanding Good & Evil.” “Going Viral.” Here are a couple of useful ones, “Cow to Cone” about ice cream of course. And, one that I could have done well in, “Clap for Credit” (Music 113). These courses open up numerous possibilities for becoming a professor.

Examiner – Bookkeeping:

** Balenciaga is charging $1,850 for its new line of destroyed sneakers.

** There are now 65% more chief happiness officers than two years ago.

** Monthly rents in Miami have increased 58% over the last year.

** A 1955 Mercedes-Benz sells for a $142M – likely the most expensive car sale ever.

** 55% of Americans live within an hour of extended family.

Examiner – Memory Lane:

Actress Drew Barrymore from July 1992.

Examiner – (Notable) Remarks:

** “It’s like a sci-fi show where people went to sleep and woke up two years later.” Lockdown is over, but the scars of isolation aren’t going away. Teenagers need a social life. Every single study and report and piece of data tells us so. But we don’t need studies to tell us what we all already know. Ask yourself: What would it have been like if you had spent your thirteenth year in solitude? It was more than a year, actually. Millions of American kids had gone a year-and-a-half mostly alone. And every single girl I spoke to said the same thing about the experience: They felt like they were sinking, or being swallowed up. So it almost seemed like an understatement when, in December 2021, the Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, said the effect of the lockdowns had been “devastating” for young people’s mental health. The CDC said that, from 2019 to 2020, the incidence of girls ages 12 to 17 who were rushed to the Emergency Room after attempting suicide jumped by 51%. E.R. admissions for eating disorders doubled among the same group, according to the CDC, and tripled for tic-related disorders, which experts trace in part to TikTok. (During roughly the same period, the overall U.S. suicide rate, which skews heavily male, dropped by about 3%.) —- Suzy Weiss

** “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” —- Colin Powell

** To pursue global “democracy” is thus a formula for endless interventions in the internal affairs of other nations, endless conflicts and eventual war. The antidote is John Quincy Adams’ formulation: “(America) goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy; she is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all; she is the champion and vindicator only of her own.” —- Patrick J. Buchanan

** Pro-Israel activists once talked about getting outsiders to view Israel “beyond the conflict.” In the end, it wasn’t a matter of messaging but of a new reality – Israel’s exploding tech sector, gas reserves, military prowess, and its ability to see that it could no longer rely on American promises – that forced the world to rethink the Jewish state. —- Lahav Harkov. Lahav Harkov is the Senior Contributing Editor and Diplomatic Correspondent for The Jerusalem Post

Examiner – Lens:

It’s been two years since Normal People made Daisy Edgar-Jones a star. Her achingly naturalistic performance as Marianne Sheridan in the television version of Sally Rooney’s best seller captivated audiences, and launched a career that is now coming into view.

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Examiner – Investigates:

** New York City’s Federal Reserve Bank has the largest gold storage in the world. The vault is 80 feet below street level and contains $90 billion in gold.

** Following George Floyd’s murder, U.S. police departments are training officers to intervene when they see misconduct by colleagues.

** America’s most sinful states. READ

** Monterey Bay Aquarium’s deep-sea creature compilation. WATCH

** The 20 most-leaked passwords. READ

** Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia says he still has symptoms, two years after his COVID infection.

** China asked Russia not to invade Ukraine until after the Beijing Olympics, Western officials said.

** The levels of brutality experienced by detainees at Rikers Island in New York over the past year might have been even worse than known.

** Fitbit is recalling its Ionic smart watch after reports of overheating batteries.

Fauci Government Pension Would be Largest in U.S. History at $350,000-Plus Per Year:

If octogenarian COVID-19 czar Anthony Fauci ever decides to retire, he should have plenty of income to enjoy what’s left of his golden years. The doctor will be making at least $350,000 per year after he leaves his job as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health. Fauci could have retired in 2005 but stayed in his job, which is now paying $434,312 a year, the highest of any federal employee, including President Joe Biden.

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Examiner – Under The Radar:

** Yesterday, the final member of a group of former eBay execs pleaded guilty to terrorizing the creators of a critical ecommerce newsletter with packages of live spiders, cockroaches, and a funeral wreath.

Examiner – Cartoon:

Examiner – Reader Comment:

** When you fact-check nothing, your credibility goes right out the window. Everything stated in this caption is make believe. The data is completely manipulated, but you simply regurgitate the narrative. Unbiased? Perhaps, lazy … most definitely. —- Scott Stolnitz

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