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Portland Public Schools has launched a war against the “gender binary” and adopted a radical new curriculum teaching students to subvert the sexuality of “white colonizers” and begin exploring “the infinite gender spectrum.”

A cache of documents from a source inside Portland Public Schools exposes the nature of this curriculum. The lessons seek to turn the principles of academic queer theory into an identity-formation program for elementary school students; it has been adopted in many of the district’s K-5 classrooms.

The premise is simple: privileged white heterosexuals have created an oppressive gender system in order to dominate racial and sexual minorities. As the curriculum explains, “gender is colonized,” and Western societies have used language to erase alternative sexualities. “When white European people colonized different places, they brought their own ideas about gender and sexuality,” the curriculum reads. “When the United States was colonized by white settlers, their views around gender were forced upon the people already living here. Hundreds of years later, how we think and talk about gender are still impacted by this shift.” (When reached for comment, Portland Public Schools wrote: “We make certain that our curriculum is LGBTQ+ inclusive for students who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming, gender-queer, and queer to create a safe and inclusive environment for all of our students.”)

Letter From The Donbas – The Desperate Lives Inside Ukraine’s ‘Dead Cities’:

A child stands on a destroyed Russian tank near Makariv, Kyiv region, Ukraine, May 7.

People in Ukraine sometimes describe the intensity of shelling in simple auditory terms. A place can be “quiet” or “loud.” As the volume increases, so do the chaos, misery, death, and fear. You cannot experience such fatal noise without instinctively grasping its purpose, which is to brutalize psychically as much as physically – to demoralize and stupefy. Nowhere on earth is louder today than the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine, where Russia has concentrated its forces and its firepower since April, after abandoning its disastrous bid to capture Kyiv. Russian officials, far from being humbled by that ordeal, have insisted on their continued determination not only to seize Ukrainian land and resources but also to punish and terrorize Ukrainians and their supporters. “I hate them,” Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairman of Russia’s security council, wrote on social media in early June. “They are bastards and scum,” he went on. “As long as I live, I will do everything to make them disappear.”

Steps Toward An HIV Cure:

Treatment outcomes for two patients have offered tantalizing insights into potential cures for the AIDS-causing human immunodeficiency virus, researchers revealed. The first, a 66-year-old American man, became the fifth person who appeared to have been cured via stem cell transplants from donors who displayed an HIV-blocking genetic mutation. The second patient, a Spanish woman in her 70s, has displayed long-term remission more than 15 years after receiving immune system-boosting therapy and an antiretroviral drug regimen. In the former case, the stem cells contained a mutation known as CCR5 delta 32 – a variation that effectively disables the receptor used by the virus to enter white blood cells. Scientists say the latter case offers an alternative to risky stem cell transplants that involve numerous side effects.

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Homeless people are scattered across Portland, many of them using flattened out boxes to sleep on.

A Teen Brutally Attacked A Cop And Has Multiple Felony Arrests And The Manhattan DA Just Defended Office’s Leniency:

A 16-year-old who brutally attacked a New York City policeman who confronted him over an unpaid subway fee will be tried as a juvenile and face rehabilitation instead of prison. The teenager, whose name has not been released due to his age, had been arrested for two additional felonies in under four months, yet Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office recommended the teen be released without bail and face family court. Bragg’s office also provided a statement to Fox defending the district attorney’s leniency. “Our system must respond to children as children,” Emily Tuttle, a spokeswoman for Bragg, told the outlet. “Violence against our police officers is unacceptable, and given his age at the time of arrest, we consented to send the second case to family court as soon as possible, where he would receive the age-appropriate interventions and supports he needs while being held accountable,” she continued.

Highly Potent Weed Creating Marijuana Addicts Worldwide, Study Says:

Higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC – the part of the marijuana plant that makes you high – are causing more people to become addicted in many parts of the world, a new review of studies found. Compared with people who use lower-potency products (typically 5 to 10 milligrams per gram of THC), those who use higher-potency cannabis are more likely to experience addiction and mental health outcomes, according to the study in the journal Lancet Psychiatry. Scientists have established a “standard THC unit” of 5 milligrams of THC for research. That amount is said to produce a mild intoxication for nonregular users.

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Americans aged 62 and older are the fastest-growing demographic of student borrowers. Karin Engstrom, an 81-year-old retired career counsellor, owes a hundred and seventy-three thousand dollars in student loans.

Examiner – Commentary by Nellie Bowles:

** Inflation hits a shocking new high, up 9.1% year over year: Inflation clocked in for June significantly worse than expected. At 9.1%, our inflation rate is at the highest level it’s been in nearly 41 years. This is a crisis, and it is the direct result of an over-the-top stimulus. Meanwhile, our leaders are blasé, insisting it’s always about to be over. Biden back in December was telling people: “I think it’s the peak of the crisis.” Hardly. Now this week, here’s Nancy Pelosi: “I think we’re peaking. I think we’re going to be going down from here.” And the White House press secretary: “We are stronger economically than we have been in history.” Don’t expect a mea culpa from the press, which has sounded much like the White House. It’s helpful to remember headlines like this one from Mother Jones in July 2021: “How Inflation Became the Gasbags’ Favorite Moral Panic.” All those crazy moderates worrying about the cash hose! Or this from the New York Times’s Binyamin Appelbaum: “Inflation Isn’t Lurking Around the Corner. This Isn’t the 1970s: Democrats need to shelve the memory of stagflation.” Right, yes, of course. We were all just dumb gasbags. And printing more cash to end student debt will help cool inflation, you see.

** Starbucks closing 16 locations, citing crime: Starbucks is closing sixteen locations, citing “a high volume of challenging incidents that make it unsafe to continue to operate.” Where are those locations? Portland, Washington, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. Now you might not care about Starbucks. Personally I love their egg bites. But the cafés closing is another bad omen about the safety of our cities. It’s hard to imagine some sweet local coffee shop replacing Starbucks – it’s not as though they can more easily tolerate having staff roughed up or storefronts broken into. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, the hardcore reformist District Attorney George Gascón is dismantling the parole unit, a group of lawyers who alerted a victim when their convicted assailant was up for parole and often attended hearings with the victims. You might want to know about parole status if the person raped you or shot you, for example. But that practice is being dropped – Gascon says it shouldn’t be the DA’s job. In some American cities, there’s only one victim in any crime: the attacker, silly!

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** The worst advice you can give to people trying to find themselves is to look within. That presumes a person is like an onion, with layers of social selves to peel off to get closer and closer to the inner core, the true self. The idea is that if you sit in a room with yourself and focus on yourself, you will get in touch with the “real you” or self-actualize the “real you.” People who try this sometimes find there is no “real you,” or they just make up a bunch of stories and poses about who they think themselves to be. —- David Brooks

** There are 17 songs on Napster with the title “Paycheck to Paycheck.” I know because I listened to all of them. (You’re welcome.) These aren’t covers – each has its own lyrics, some pretty good. I like the version by a singer-songwriter named Darrell Bailey because it refers to economists: Recession or depression. It all sounds the same to me. On TV the experts try to tell us. It’s temporary for you and me. But in the meantime there ain’t no money. For the little man in the Land of the Free. When you’re living paycheck to paycheck. The hard times, they come free. The lyrics of the 17 “Paycheck to Paycheck” songs are about backbreaking work, bad bosses and past-due bills. They’re about people scraping by, on the edge of failure. —- Peter Coy

** The entire promise and rationale of a Biden presidency was not, I hate to break it to my lefty friends, a total transformation of the country in favor of green energy and “social justice.” It was a return to constitutional normalcy, and the kind of legislative deal-making that offers gradual progress on the biggest challenges of the day. —- Andrew Sullivan

** America is increasingly becoming an outlier among Western countries in failing to demand better evidence for the consequences of irreversible youth gender transition. —- Lisa Selin Davis (Author of TOMBOY: The Surprising History & Future of Girls Who Dare to Be Different. Bylines at NYTIMES, WSJ, WaPo, Salon, HuffPost, Time, CNN & others. Attempting to report on gender issues in a nuanced way, if that’s a thing.)

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A recent review of sleep research in animals and humans suggests that there is little merit to the folk concept of sleep as something that can be saved up and paid off.

Victoria’s Secret Went Woke, Now They’re Laying Off 160 Management Positions:

They did away with the iconic Victoria’s Secret Angels, replaced models with the likes of soccer star and liberal activist Megan Rapinoe, and even hired the company’s first biologically male transgender model – but, unsurprisingly, the wokeness has not paid off. Victoria’s Secret is firing a whopping 160 management-level employees at its Ohio headquarters, an effort to save the business $40 million. Notably, sales at the lingerie company dropped by 4.5% to $1.5 billion in the most recent quarter, the New York Post reported, adding that comparable sales from the same period last year have declined by 8%.

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Billie Eilish released a pair of “guitar songs,” including “TV.”

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** Influenza B vaccine candidate found to stimulate a broad immune response against a number of different strains; influenza B variants accounted for roughly half of reported cases during the 2019-20 flu season. READ

** BMW makes heated seats a subscription service. READ

** Commercially prepared smoothies aren’t even always prepared from whole fruit. The “strawberry base” of Starbucks’ strawberry smoothie, for example, consists of reconstituted strawberry purée, white grape juice concentrate, natural flavoring and lycopene coloring (it also contains banana, ice, milk, fiber and protein powder); the 16-ounce size has 300 calories.

** A study has found that vitamin D pills do not prevent bone fractures in most people. READ

** More than half of legal abortions in the U.S. are already conducted using pills, up from virtually none in 2000. The share is almost certain to keep rising, and a substantial number of illegal pill-based abortions also seem likely in Republican-run states. Increasingly, the future of abortion – and the political struggle over it – will revolve around medication abortion.

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Controversial attorney Richard Rosenthal, with his greyhounds Bugsy and Louis, has made a specialty of defending dangerous dogs.

WORLD POPULATION – India to Surpass China:

India will become the most populous nation sometime in 2023, topping China, the United Nations predicted this week. The U.N. also said that the world population is expected to “reach a peak of around 10.4 billion people during the 2080s and to remain at that level until 2100.” It predicted that more than half of the population increase by 2050 will be in eight countries: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines and Tanzania.

‘Broken Windows Broken Business’ Is Timeless And Relevant Classic For All Businesses To Remind Themselves Of How To Succeed:

I Highly Recommend Its Wisdom

Christopher Voss – Best-selling author of “Never Split the Difference” – CEO & Founder of The Black Swan Group. “We teach people how to negotiate life-changing deals.”


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Examiner – 20 Years – A Look At 2002

The LBN Examiner was founded on June 1, 2002, an incredible 20 years ago. Let’s take a look back at what was going on in 2002:

** On August 1, the Baltimore Ravens signed star linebacker Ray Lewis to a 5-year contract extension giving him a $19m signing bonus, then the largest in NFL history.

** On August 1, the 35th San Diego Comic-Con International opened at the San Diego Convention Center.

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** From Last week’s previous story, all charges against Mr. Alba were dropped.

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