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Nineteen months after the January 6 attack, hundreds of criminal cases that stem from it are playing out in court. Who has been charged. It’s a wide range. People from all 50 states have been prosecuted. Most are white men from middle- or working-class backgrounds, but there are also women, Hispanic people, Black people. A lot have military backgrounds. There are also professional people, which is unusual for an event involving far-right extremism: doctors, a State Department aide, business owners, people who flew there on a private jet.

Most have been charged with misdemeanors and have gotten little to no prison time. Others have been charged with assaulting police officers or damaging government property. And a few hundred people have been charged with obstructing Congress’ certification that day of the Electoral College vote. About 350 defendants have pleaded guilty, and more than 200 have been sentenced. About half a dozen have gotten four years or more, and two have gotten more than seven years. The government is still arresting people, and prosecutors estimate around 2,000 could ultimately face charges.

Kids-For-Cash Ruling:

Two former Pennsylvania judges who sent children to for-profit jails in exchange for $2.8M in kickbacks have been ordered to pay $206M in damages to hundreds of victims. Observers say the scheme, known as the kids-for-cash scandal, is considered one of the worst judicial scandals in US history. A US district judge yesterday awarded the damages to about 300 people who filed a 2009 civil lawsuit against former judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan (see details). The pair shut down a county-run juvenile center and sent children as young as 8 years old to two for-profit jails from 2003-08. Many of the children were first-time offenders for minor infractions, including petty theft, jaywalking, and skipping school. About 4,000 juvenile convictions were thrown out after the scheme was uncovered. Ciavarella, 72, has been serving a 28-year prison sentence, while Conahan, 70, was released to home confinement in 2020 after serving 11 years of his 17-year sentence. It is unclear how the damages will be paid, reports say.

Love A Summertime Nap? That’s Because Temps Above 77 Degrees Put People To Sleep, Study Says:

Is an afternoon “siesta” simply a cultural tradition, or is there something biological behind napping in the midday heat? A new study finds that there appears to be a “switch” in the brain that makes people want to sleep when the weather reaches a certain temperature. It wouldn’t surprise many people to catch someone dozing off on a hot summer day. In certain parts of the world, businesses actually shut down during the warmest parts of the day, as people go home for a meal and a nap. This isn’t the first study to examine the link between changes in temperature and sleep-wake cycles. Researchers have found that humans typically have a harder time getting quality sleep when it’s too hot, while others have discovered that people often have a hard time getting out of bed on cold mornings. However, the link between sensory neurons which feel these temperature shifts and neurons that control our sleep cycles has been unclear.

Examiner – Lens:

Cannabis-infused beverages are often branded as a healthier alternative to alcohol – “No painful days after drinking or regrets,” a tagline on Cann’s site reads. These kinds of drinks carry a connotation of health, said Emily Moquin, a food and beverage analyst at Morning Consult. They tout themselves as “hangover-free” and without the high calories of alcohol; they claim to help you feel “focused,” balanced, relaxed. One cannabis beverage company even suggests pairing their drinks with a spa day.

Russia To Give 1 Million Rubles To Women Who Birth 10 Or More Children:

Russia reinstated its Mother Heroine award, which includes an incentive of one million rubles, this week to encourage families to have more children. Women eligible to receive the distinction must have 10 or more children with an “appropriate level of care for health, education, physical, spiritual and moral development,” according to a statement from the Russian government translated by CNBC. The one million ruble incentive, amounting to roughly $16,600, is 150% of the nation’s average annual salary. The Mother Heroine award was initially established in 1944 under Joseph Stalin and discontinued after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Russian Federation created a similar award, the Order of Parental Glory, in 2008.

Woke Firefighter Suspended After Mocking Murder Of Miami Cop:

A woke firefighter from Miami was suspended after he mocked the murder of a police officer from the Miami-Dade Police Department. Cesar “Echy” Echaverry, 29, who had served five years with the department and was a member of the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Robbery Intervention Detail, died on Wednesday after being shot in the head by an armed robbery suspect, who died in the firefight. The day after Echaverry’s death, firefighter Kevin Newcomb wrote, “Who cares another dead cop probably against gun control,” adding, “They didn’t give a **** when kids were dying in that school shooting they stood outside.” Then he segued to his woke perspective: “Cops exist for the government to exercise its monopoly on violence. They want the whole world to stop when one of theirs goes down. How many idiots I had to transport with honor guard their dead bodies from coronavirus because they were all too stupid to wear masks or get vaccinated.”

Examiner – Lens:

The essayist and novelist David Shields, whose forthcoming book is “The Very Last Interview,” used to idolize Marcel Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time.” But these days it “feels to me sort of twee. … I need more comedy, more urgency, more white space.”

Wildly (Politically) Incorrect by George Vandeman:

** Biden Administration Update
Based on what they are doing, or not doing, you probably think that Biden’s top 68 appointees have mountains and mountains of business experience. Well, you would be wrong. On average, the 68 have 2.4 years of business experience, and that includes 62% of the officials with virtually no private sector experience.

** Ukraine Update
Russia’s most senior politician has threatened to take back Alaska if the West seizes Russian assets to help rebuild Ukraine. Time to get that Alaska Inside Passage cruise booked!

** CDC Update
Most of us already ignore the CDC, but now there is another reason. The CDC has released a bizarre guide on how to have sex with Monkeypox. The guide says to keep your clothes on, or masturbate six feet from your partner, if the urge arises.

** Longevity Update
The World’s oldest man celebrates his 113th birthday in Venezuela and says the secret to a long-life is a glass of sugarcane hooch every day. This sure looks like a business opportunity to me.

** Systemic Racism Update
Did you realize that loving your family is now racist??? A journalist is being ridiculed for saying that Whites who get along with their family clearly aren’t “challenging their racist views.” She accuses “even good white families” of being a “little racist when you scratch the surface.”

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Legendary entertainment attorney Bruce Ramer, along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.

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For the TikTok generation, Matilda Djerf is the poster girl for Scandi cool.

Examiner – (Notable) Remarks:

** Walking after a meal, conventional wisdom says, helps clear your mind and aids in digestion. Scientists have also found that going for a 15-minute walk after a meal can reduce blood sugar levels, which can help ward off complications such as Type 2 diabetes. But, as it turns out, even just a few minutes of walking can activate these benefits. In a meta-analysis, recently published in the journal Sports Medicine, researchers looked at the results of seven studies that compared the effects of sitting versus standing or walking on measures of heart health, including insulin and blood sugar levels. They found that light walking after a meal, in increments of as little as two to five minutes, had a significant impact in moderating blood sugar levels. —- Rachel Fairbank, New York Times

** Senator Tim Scott is frustrated at all the pessimism – including from inside his own party – and he’s frustrated at the notion, shared on the right and the left, that America is in decline. Or that we are heading for some kind of crack up. Or even civil war. I hope Scott is right. But as you’ll hear in our conversation, I see very, very good reasons for Americans to be fed up with the state of the union, angry about the direction of our country, and deeply worried about the future of our democracy. —- Bari Weiss

** A rule is not a rule unless it is enforced consistently. Otherwise, it is a wish, a fraud, and a child so misgoverned is a prisoner of uncertainty. A child, upon testing a rule, who is able to verify its actual existence, is then free to operate creatively and constructively within its boundaries. Rules, therefore, help children become more intelligent. —- John Rosemond, best-selling child rearing Author

** On the content of contemporary history textbooks: “[They are] so politically correct as to be comic. Very minor characters that are currently fashionable are given considerable space, whereas people of major consequence farther back are given very little space or none at all.” —- David McCullough, Author

** To see what is in front of our noses is a constant challenge, and perhaps never more so in a time of such awful post-truth polarization. But what happened in the January 6 hearings this past week will, in my view, be seen one day as a watershed moment either in the history of this country’s revival as a liberal democracy or in this republic’s rapid collapse. Two women, Liz Cheney and Cassidy Hutchinson, went back and forth, asking and answering questions, slowly, calmly, and methodically laying out a story of an actual attempt by a president of the United States to rally and lead an armed mob to assault the Congress to overturn an election. Yes, I just wrote that sentence. —- Andrew Sullivan

** I will never get over the fact that our society seems to produce a steady stream of young men who think it is heroic to murder innocent people. I read their histories. I look at the social science research. I’ve tried to understand the typical pathway they take to get to their evil behavior. The common thing to say about mass shooters is that they have mental health issues, but that’s often misleading. This has been studied in a variety of ways. A majority of mass shooters are not suffering from a diagnosed mental illness. It’s mostly the circumstances that drive them to do what they do, not an underlying disease. The more accurate place to start is with something George Bernard Shaw wrote many years ago: “The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: That’s the essence of inhumanity.” —- David Brooks

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Adele will begin a residency in Las Vegas in November.

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** Explore stunning photos of lighthouses in the U.S. READ

** Love sleeping? Get paid to nap. READ

** The stock performance of some tech companies whose leaders have left: Twitter, down 32% YoY. Airbnb, down 25% YoY. Peloton, down 89% YoY. Pinterest, down 60%+ YoY. Instacart, valuation down 40% in 2022.

** After decades of climate inaction, the Arctic is warming much faster than thought. READ

** Federal data show July was the sixth hottest in 143 years of record keeping, with land and ocean surface temperatures almost 1.6 degrees above the 20th century average; the five warmest Julys have all occurred since 2016. READ

** Research suggests the concentration of the hormone cortisol in human hair may act as a proxy for recent stress levels. READ

** Visualizing Europe’s natural gas shortage. READ

** The gun violence in Chicago is highly concentrated: Just 4% of city blocks account for the majority of shootings across Chicago, according to the Crime Lab.

** Rural America is also reeling from violent crime. READ

** Long-haul COVID-19 study identifies a subset of patients with significant persistent coordination and cognition issues. Study tracks how chronic infection gives rise to new variants in single patient. READ

Examiner – A Look Back:

The late author Truman Capote.

In Sunni v. Shiite Violence, Which One Is The White Supremacist?

When four Muslim men were murdered in Albuquerque by an alleged serial killer who drove a dark grey sedan, everyone assumed the killer was some white supremacist. Biden came out to say: “My administration stands strongly with the Muslim community. … These hateful attacks have no place in America.” Turns out, the guy arrested and charged with so far two of the killings is a Sunni Muslim, and he may have been partly motivated by anger that his daughter married a Shiite Muslim. Yes, it’s true: Violence also exists outside of Western culture.

Broken Windows Book:

“This book ‘Broken Windows, Broken Business’ should be required reading for every entrepreneur and their teams!” —– Wayne Mullins, founder of Ugly Mug Marketing, one of the country’s most prominent web design firms. Order today:

Examiner – Bookkeeping:

** Online furniture retailer Wayfair is cutting 870 jobs, or 5% of its global workforce.

** Two pilots of an Ethiopian Airlines plane fell asleep at 37,000 feet, overflew a runway, and triggered an alarm.


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** Strangers rally to help Uvalde students and teachers return to school. READ

** Chicago toddler with rare condition takes first steps with prosthetic leg. READ

** A 99-year-old Pennsylvania woman meets her 100th great-grandchild. READ

** Georgia high school football players rescue trapped woman from car crash. READ

Examiner – 20 Years – A Look At 2002

The LBN Examiner was founded on June 1, 2002, an incredible 20 years ago. Let’s take a look back at what was going on in 2002:

** On August 10, Michael Houser, American guitarist (Widespread Panic), died of pancreatic cancer at 40.

** On August 31, Lionel Hampton, American Jazz vibraphone player, pianist, drummer, and actor, died from congestive heart failure at 94.

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