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New York, California and Illinois lost thousands of “rich young professionals” who fled the Democrat-run states for low-tax havens like Texas and Florida, according to a study. The study conducted by SmartAsset of workers under the age of 35 who earn $100,000 per year cited inflow and outflow of young professionals by gleaning information from Internal Revenue Service data, including tax returns from 2019 and 2020. New York had the largest net outflow of young professionals – 15,788, the study found. A whopping 28,741 moved out, while 12,953 moved to the state. California saw the second-highest net outflow of young professionals. In 2019 and 2020, 20,568 young professionals moved to the state, but 28,528 left, according to the SmartAsset study, making for a net outflow of 7,960. Illinois has also been hemorrhaging under-35 workers, the study found. The Prairie State lost 9,386 young professionals while gaining just 6,527 – a net outflow of 2,859. Several large companies have recently announced they were moving their headquarters out of Chicago, citing soaring levels of crime. Massachusetts also experienced a significant net outflow. The Bay State lost 8,160 young professionals while just 6,290 moved in – resulting in a net outflow of 1,870.

Suspected Illegal Immigrant Charged With Murdering Vegas Showgirl In Strip Knife Rampage:

A Guatemalan man, suspected of being in the country illegally, was formally charged Tuesday in last week’s fatal stabbing spree on the Las Vegas Strip. Yoni Barrios, 32, was charged Tuesday with two counts of murder and six counts of attempted murder for his deadly rampage on the Las Vegas Strip last Thursday. Prosecutors say he stabbed five women posing as showgirls – along with a group of tourists – with a 12-inch knife outside the Wynn Las Vegas. He claimed he wanted to “let the anger out” after he thought people were laughing at him for wanting to take a picture with the showgirls, according to a police report. Las Vegas showgirl Maris DiGiovanni, 30, and Brent Hallett, 47, died in the rampage, and four other Las Vegas showgirls and two tourists were injured. Barrios is now being held without bail, as the Public Defender’s Office evaluates whether he is competent enough to stand trial.

The Stock Market Made Nancy Pelosi Rich – Now She Wants To Ban Her Colleagues From Trading:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) has seen her net worth increase by $140 million since the 2008 financial crisis thanks in no small part to her husband’s fortuitous trades in companies she has worked to subsidize. Now, she’s trying to pull up the ladder behind her: In what may be her final months as a member of Congress, she’s backing a proposal that would prohibit her colleagues from buying or selling individual stocks. Pelosi scoffed at the idea of banning lawmakers from trading individual stocks as recently as December, saying that she and her colleagues should be able to fully participate in the free market economy. After rejecting similar proposals, Pelosi is throwing her weight behind legislation that would ban stock trading among members of Congress and other senior government officials. House Democratic leaders introduced the Combating Financial Conflicts of Interest in Government Act last Tuesday but failed to bring the measure to a vote before adjourning for the midterm elections.

Examiner – Lens:

About 15,000 people are sheltering in Kyiv’s subway.

Nostalgic Gaming:

Some of this year’s big video game releases are years, if not more than a decade, old. Blizzard recently rereleased World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, which first came out in 2008. The game’s servers are so packed that some players have had to wait hours to sign on. Sometimes the games are identical to their past versions; others get graphical and gameplay updates. More are on the way, including Resident Evil 4 and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The rereleases are part of a broader entertainment industry trend banking on nostalgia. As Imad Khan wrote in The Times: “Nostalgia has always been a powerful source of revenue for Hollywood. Turns out, it’s equally lucrative for video games.”

Aspiring Medical Students At Top School Get Their Chemistry Professor Fired Because His Class Had High Standards:

New York University organic chemistry professor Maitland Jones was fired after students petitioned the school with claims that his class was too difficult. According to a report from The New York Times, Jones – who taught at Princeton University for decades and wrote a bestselling textbook on his subject – maintained a rigorous course that his students, many of whom are pursuing medical careers, considered a weed-out class. After 82 of his 350 pupils signed a petition against him earlier this spring, university deans canceled his teaching contract, which he had previously renewed on a yearly basis. Marc Walters, who directs New York University’s undergraduate chemistry department, explained in an email to Jones that the school would let students retroactively withdraw from his class as a “gentle but firm hand to the students and those who pay the tuition bills” – an apparent reference to parents.

Examiner – Lens:

Linda Ronstadt is most at home in the Sonoran desert at places like a friend’s house in the tiny town of Canelo, Ariz.

Wildly (Politically) Incorrect by George Vandeman:

** San Diego public schools want to overthrow “heteronormativity.” Sounds like something that should be banned, right? NO. Apparently, white Europeans created a false “gender binary” and used the categories of “male” and “female” to dominate racial and sexual minorities. Heteronormativity forces students to conform to these norms; they are “assigned” a sex at birth, pressed into the identities of “man” and “women,” and expected to have heterosexual relationships culminating in “marriage (and kids).” Wow, glad I learned that new word. So, the school is promoting a constellation of new sexual identities, such as “genderqueer,” “non-binary,” “pansexual” and “two-spirit.” Thank the Lord that San Diego is on top of this.

** It looks like Christianity is now under attack around the world. Or continues to be. An op-ed in The Atlantic labeled the rosary an “extremist symbol.”

** The Fargo, North Dakota board of education has voted to no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance before board meetings. Apparently, the proponents of the move claimed that not all people in the United States receive liberty and justice.

** A $33,000-a-year all-girls school in Nashville proposed a policy allowing anyone who identifies as female to attend. The school has “paused” the policy after outraged parents called on the board chair to quit.

Dining Out Update: Here’s a puzzler. According to OpenTable, restaurants in deep-blue cities are starved for diners while Florida is feasting. Those cities are Minneapolis, San Francisco and Portland. The same survey shows that Sun Belt boomtowns in Florida, Texas and Arizona are enjoying a massive surge in restaurant business this year.

Illegal Aliens Update: We all know that the state of Texas has taken matters into its own hands where illegal aliens are concerned. And the libs don’t like it one bit. (By the by, the libs call them “migrants.”) The Texas National Guard had locked a gate situated on private property that had previously been open, enabling entry by illegal aliens. The U.S. Border Patrol then opened the gate so that the illegal aliens waiting by the gate could come into the country. The governor of Arizona is sealing gaps in the existing border wall with double-stacked shipping containers topped with razor wire.

Red and Blue States Update: Anti-woke and anti-lockdown Florida saw 632,105 new businesses open in 2021, doubling New York’s 309,170.

Examiner – Look Back:

Joan Didion at her Malibu home, Oct. 1, 1972.

Examiner – (Notable) Remarks:

** A psychologist or a novelist might be as useful as an economist in explaining what the Federal Reserve is up to these days. The change in the Fed’s monetary policy this year has been so extreme that it’s hard to explain using economists’ tools alone. Until early this year the Fed kept short-term interest rates extremely low even as inflation heated up. Now it’s jacking up interest rates at the fastest pace in four decades to kill inflation, acknowledging that doing so will throw people out of work. —- Peter Coy

** What on earth does it mean to identify as no human gender, neither male nor female nor a mix, but as, say, a tree – and use “tree” as a pronoun? You think I’m kidding, don’t you? Just making shit up to make it sound insane. But wait: Students are introduced to gender pronouns through the children’s book, “They, She, He: Easy as ABC.” The somewhat familiar pronoun ze is introduced, as are more bespoke possibilities. On one page, “Diego drums and dances. Tree has all the sounds” (tree is Diego’s preferred pronoun). For a character named Sky, all of the pronouns are right. —- Andrew Sullivan

** The first American hope is that Putin will eventually do a cost-benefit analysis and conclude that his best option is to negotiate. The second American hope is that the Ukrainians will also do a cost-benefit analysis. They will realize that while they are winning the war, it is also nearly impossible to physically dislodge the Russian troops who are dug in in eastern Ukraine. They too will decide to negotiate. —- David Brooks

** In the internet age, it’s almost impossible to get away with anything. And yet, some people still manage to pull off solo flights of destruction worthy of a megalomaniacal supervillain. Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, long entwined, continue on vile parallel paths: They would rather destroy their countries than admit they have lost. —- Maureen Dowd

** Since Ukraine’s counteroffensive began nearly three weeks ago, the country has reclaimed more than 3,400 square miles. By contrast, Russia’s offensive in the east gained only 2,000 square miles in the past five months. Ukraine continues its advance via a successful offensive in the Kharkiv region (in which they launched a massive surprise counterattack to overwhelm unprepared and unmotivated Russian forces) and through its ongoing success in the Kherson region (where Ukrainian forces have basically encircled and cut off up to 20,000 Russians). Then there is the panic in Moscow. Days ago, Putin announced the mobilization of 300,000 Russian reservists while also threatening nuclear war. The draft – Russia’s first since World War II – will force thousands of Russians who had previously served to report for duty, receive two weeks of refresher training, and immediately deploy into Ukraine. Russian conscripts’ time of service has been extended indefinitely, meaning they will not be able to leave the fighting when their time is up. It’s hard to conceive of how much lower the morale of Russian troops can get. All of this indicates that Putin is deeply concerned about Ukraine’s ability to win this war. He is right to be. —- Liam Collins and Jack Spencer. (Liam is the executive director of the Madison Policy Forum. John Spencer is the chair of urban warfare studies at the Madison Policy Forum.)

Examiner – Readers Have Spoken:

74% of LBN Examiner readers in all 50 of the United States and in 26 foreign countries support Texas governor Greg Abbott sending illegal immigrants to New York City and Washington, D.C.


** New study reveals genetic changes caused by Alzheimer’s in different types of brain cells for the first time; results show many changes occur in cell types other than neurons. READ

** Who’s really using up the water in the American west? WATCH

** What different U.S. presidents have served at state dinners. WATCH

** Government study finds 2.55 million middle and high school students have vaped an e-cigarette over the past 30 days. READ

** Watch a time-lapse of a bird raising her family. WATCH

** U.S. intelligence has helped Ukraine kill Russian generals. READ

** The pandemic’s true toll: nearly 15 million excess deaths – including 4.7 million in India, nearly 10 times its official total. READ

** How we spend our money. READ

** The Awake Ape – Sleep is known to be vital for our memory, immune system, and more. So why do we snooze less than our primate relatives? READ

** Median age for U.S. women giving birth rises to 30 years old, the highest on record; trend corresponds with years of declining birth rates for women in their 20s. READ

** Cerebrospinal fluid from young mice shown to improve memory in old mice, a potential breakthrough in treating age-related cognitive decline. READ

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Sharon Osbourne Wants Refund After Donating $900K To ‘Scam’ Black Lives Matter:

Sharon Osbourne wants her money back. The former “The Talk” co-host agreed with Kanye West about Black Lives Matter being a “scam” when TMZ asked her about the rapper’s recent antics, from his White Lives Matter shirt to his social media tirades. “Well, we gave $900,000 to [Black Lives Matter], and I’d like my money back, please,” she told a reporter. Osbourne, 69, did not specify why she wanted a refund, but she did express confusion surrounding the outrage over West’s headline-making shirt at his fashion show. “I don’t understand why white lives don’t matter. I don’t understand it. It’s not my culture,” she said. “Everybody matters, don’t they?” Osbourne also said West, 45, shouldn’t be canceled over his actions and instead encouraged people to ignore him if they don’t “like him.”

Award Winning Wedding Cake Designer, Jasmine Rae, Reveals Gingerbread Workshops:

Learn to make fantasy gingerbread cottages at the feet of a master cake designer. What could be more fun and rewarding than creating one’s own, unique gingerbread house? Whether for a date night, family get together, or creative exploration, this three-hour class will inspire you with easy to learn techniques and tools. All the decorative elements will be provided. These classes are designed to be rewarding and fun and you don’t need any special skills to create something special and beautiful you’ll be proud to take home. Please visit the website for more information and to book your class.


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Bad Polling:

The final polls in the 2020 presidential election overstated Joe Biden’s strength, especially in a handful of states. The polls reported that Biden had a small lead in North Carolina, but he lost the state to Donald Trump. The polls also showed Biden running comfortably ahead in Wisconsin, yet he won it by less than a percentage point. In Ohio, the polls pointed to a tight race; instead, Trump won it easily. In each of these states – and some others – pollsters failed to reach a representative sample of voters. One factor seems to be that Republican voters are more skeptical of mainstream institutions and are less willing to respond to a survey. If that’s true, polls will often understate Republican support, until pollsters figure out how to fix the problem.

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Examiner – Business:

** A new FAA rule requires airlines to give flight attendants at least 10 hours of rest between shifts, equal to what pilots receive. READ

** Lawsuit: Three consumer groups suing the U.S. Treasury Department want alcohol to come with nutritional labels, like food does. READ

** Adult beds are more lucrative than children’s beds in American hospitals. As a result, pediatric services are often the first to go.

** The U.S. surpasses 1 million organ transplants since the first transplant in 1954. READ

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Examiner – 20 Years – A Look At 2002

The LBN Examiner was founded on June 1, 2002, an incredible 20 years ago. Let’s take a look back at what was going on in 2002:

** On October 10, Hungarian writer and Holocaust survivor Imre Kertész was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

** On October 12, terrorists exploded two bombs in Bali’s nightclub district killing 202 and injuring 209 mostly foreign tourists.

Examiner – A Different View:…

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