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Americans can expect significantly higher heating bills this winter. On October 14, the United States Energy Information Administration’s winter fuels outlook predicted the largest increase in winter heating prices since 2008. The Wall Street Journal reports: Nearly half of U.S. households that warm their homes with mainly natural gas can expect to spend an average of 30% more on their bills compared with last year. The agency added that bills would be 50% higher if the winter is 10% colder than average and 22% higher if the winter is 10% warmer than average. The forecast rise in costs, according to the report, will result in an average natural-gas home-heating bill of $746 from Oct. 1 to March 31, compared with about $573 during the same period last year. “We are very concerned about the affordability of heat this winter for all customers, but in particular those who struggle every day to afford their utility services,” National Consumer Law Center staff attorney Karen Lusson told the outlet.  

Media Disregards Caravan Leader Pledging ‘Ready for War’ with National Guard:

In a disturbing video posted on Twitter a week ago, migrant activist and leader of the massive 80,000-person caravan heading to the U.S.-Mexico border, Irineo Mujica, declared that they were “ready for war” with the National Guard if they would not let them through regardless if they had the proper documentation or not. And equally disturbing, at no point in the last seven days had the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, or NBC) shared this very clear threat with their viewers. Despite the story circulating for a week, Fox News Channel was the only major television outlet to give it considerable airtime with multiple segments throughout the weekend. And by Monday, they were still at it while ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News were gushing about Paul McCartney blaming John Lennon for the Beatles breaking up. Meanwhile, the story was so widespread it even showed up in reporting from a local Chicago television station, WGN9. It also showed up on NewsNation’s On Balance with Leland Vittert. “You would think that given all this information, the Biden administration would be sending for reinforcements and sending them to the border,” said Vittert, but he wasn’t. In Fox’s most recent reporting on the matter, during Monday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, national correspondent Bill Melugin shared a soundbite of Mujica’s threat with an on-screen translation. “And this time, with papers or without papers, we are ready for war. If the National Guard comes, and they are so cowardly to want to hit women and children, get ready,” he yelled.

Shoplifting Skyrockets in NYC:

For Lattina Brown, what she saw, or rather, what she didn’t see on the empty shelves of a drug store near her Bronx home shocked her. “I went into my local pharmacy to purchase some vitamins and when I walked into the pharmacy, I noticed that the shelves were like completely empty and I asked the workers there, like what happened to the merchandise with your vitamins? Where’s your toilet paper and other essential items? I was told that people were coming in there stealing them, looting things out of the store and that they cannot touch them.” The NYPD says shoplifting from January to September in 2021 is up about 6,000 cases compared to all of last year. Brown, who is running for New York City Council in District-17, fears this wave of petty crime will drive more major chain stores out of the Bronx. “This is a major pharmacy, Rite Aid that caters to a lot of families who have underlying health issues. If we lose this pharmacy, we’re going to be left out in the open to dry like we have people suffering with asthma, diabetes, heart conditions,” Brown said. “Walgreens shut down not too long ago because they had the same issue. So we don’t want this to continue to happen. There needs to be some, some type of change.”

The surge in shoplifting is happening in New York City and in cities across the country. One video posted to social media shows thieves helping themselves to products at an Ulta beauty store in California. Meanwhile, Walgreens in San Francisco has announced it will close five more stores because of shoplifting. “It’s multifaceted, one of the things is the unemployment rate is going up in the wake of the pandemic,” Darrin Porcher, a retired NYPD Lieutenant, told FOX 5 NY. “Secondly, we have a lot of cases of mental illness that are not being treated. So when you have the collaboration of the unemployment at a peak coupled with mental illness that’s not being treated, you now have a combustible situation.”

Examiner – Lens:

“Oh William!” is Elizabeth Strout’s ninth book. One proof of Strout’s greatness is the sleight of hand with which she injects sneaky subterranean power into seemingly transparent prose. Strout works in the realm of everyday speech, conjuring repetitions, gaps and awkwardness with plain language and forthright diction, yet at the same time unleashing a tidal urgency that seems to come out of nowhere even as it operates in plain sight. 

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Halloween is back. Here’s how people are spending this year:
The pandemic shut down most activities last year, resulting in a boo-ring Halloween. So, it’s no surprise that consumers are expected to drop a record $10.14B on the holiday this year, according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey. That’s up from $8.05B in 2020.

How do folks plan to celebrate in 2021? Per a consumer survey from Coresight Research:

–  49.5% say they’ll hand or leave out candy for trick-or-treaters
–  42.5% plan to decorate their homes
– ~36% plan to either attend or host a party
–  34.5% plan to wear a costume
–  32.1% intend to carve pumpkins or do other home activities
–  25.8% will let their kids go trick-or-treating  (9.9 point increase from last year’s 15.9%)

What are the hot costumes this year? NRF learned the most popular Halloween costumes for adults this year include witches (4.6m), vampires, (1.6m), and ghosts (1.4m). But NRF also conducted its survey in early September, before “Squid Game” launched on Netflix and caused a 7,800% sales spike for white Vans, a 62% uptick in searches for red boiler suits, and millions of views on TikTok costume tutorials.

Examiner – Lens:

In England, they call bald guys “lollipop men.”

Woke Walmart Trains Staffers in Critical Race Theory: U.S. a ‘White-Supremacy System’:

Woke Walmart has trained more than 1,000 employees in critical race theory, denouncing the U.S. as a “white-supremacy system” — and telling staffers to accept their “guilt and shame” and stop thinking “white is right,” according to leaked documents. The retail giant confirmed to City Journal that it has been working with the Racial Equity Institute, a North Carolina company devoted to “creating racially equitable organizations.” Walmart said it has “engaged REI for a number of training sessions since 2018” and has “found these sessions to be thought-provoking and constructive.” City Journal’s Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, said a whistleblower gave him a cache of internal documents that highlight how the training is based on critical race theory. It is mandatory for executives and recommended for hourly-wage store staff — with more than 1,000 having already been trained, Rufo reported. The program centers on the claim that the US is a “white supremacy system” designed “for the purpose of assigning and maintaining white skin access to power and privilege,” Rufo said.

Examiner – A Look Back:

Post office and gas station in Le Grand, Iowa. April 1940.

Examiner – (Notable) Remarks:

** A lot of people want to convince you that you need a Ph.D. or a law degree or dozens of hours of free time to read dense texts about critical theory to understand the woke movement and its worldview. You do not. You simply need to believe your own eyes and ears. Let me offer the briefest overview of the core beliefs of the Woke Revolution, which are abundantly clear to anyone willing to look past the hashtags and the jargon. Every day I hear from people who are living in fear in the freest society humankind has ever known. Dissidents in a democracy, practicing doublespeak. That is what is happening right now. What happens five, 10, 20 years from now if we don’t speak up and defend the ideas that have made all of our lives possible? Liberty. Equality. Freedom. Dignity. These are ideas worth fighting for. —- Bari Weiss

Albany Pols, NYPD Order Cops to do Nothing as Drug Addicts Shoot Up:

New York City’s war on drugs is over. The junkies won. The New York Police Department waved the white flag last week — upon orders to surrender from Albany — directing officers to let drug addicts freely shoot up on city streets, and even let them share needles. “Effective immediately, members of the service should not take any enforcement action against any individual who possesses a hypodermic needle, even when it contains residue of a controlled substance,” states a directive to NYPD commanders issued last Friday. Senate Bill 2523, cited in the order to street cops, decriminalizes the possession or sale of hypodermic needles and syringes, commonly used by addicts to inject drugs such as heroin. “This law says stick a needle in your arm, pump your body with poison and lose your life,” said state Sen. Andrew Lanza (R-Staten Island), one of the few NYC lawmakers who opposed the legislation. “This law says to people suffering addiction that New York has given up on you, that New York doesn’t care about you.” The measure, effective Oct. 7, originated in New York City, sponsored by state Sen. Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx), and was signed into law by Gov. Kathy Hochul last week in Manhattan.

The Real Story by Sarah Garcia:

** Want to know how the voter scam in 2020 happened? Here’s how it worked. “Vote Navigators” were paid well to canvas mostly poor neighborhoods that traditionally vote for democrats. Often, these ballot mercenaries would go inside the homes of voters. Even though it is a crime in all 50 states to “electioneer” at polling places where you walk into vote, it is not a criminal activity for a third party to interfere with a mail-in ballot. That’s the vital loophole. Thousands of navigators flooded the democrat precincts In Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia – all states that were close between Biden and Trump. The navigators “assisted” voters in filling out ballots and, at times, “cured” mistakes.  That means they corrected ballots so they wouldn’t be thrown out. Sometimes the hired political guns took the actual ballots from the folks and brought them to polling places. That is called “bundling.” The result was a much higher vote count for Joe Biden, as citizens who rarely participate in elections did so with the tutoring. So, now we know why the left loves mail-in ballots so much. 

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An unvaccinated child is at less risk of serious Covid illness than a vaccinated 70-year-old.

Kitty Weed?

Meowijuana Wants To Get Your Cat High:


– Catnip, a type of plant that’s part of the mint family, gets cats high through a chemical called nepetalactone.

– In the US, ~31.8m households own cats, and $42B was spent on pet food and treats in 2020.

– Meowijuana packages catnip like weed and sells everything a cat owner needs, from treats and toys to accessories.

Is your cat stressed out from a long day of scratching everything in the home office? Meowijuana is looking to take the edge off with a line of catnip products packaged like weed. The company’s hilarious packaging is marketing gold. You can get pre-rolled joints, a jar of buds, or a pill bottle for your high-strung four-legged friend. Customers (or their cats at least) seem to be loving it. Meowijuana’s parent company, SmarterPaw LLC, just made the Inc. 5000 list for the 2nd year in a row, with 789% 3-year revenue growth. And there’s something for everyone (with paws). The company introduced a spinoff for dogs – Doggijuana. With 5-star reviews like “Considering sending my fur baby to rehab,” it would seem this stuff is potent. Have at it, Mittens.

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“Baseball is way too boring – so we’re doing one inning, winner takes all, everybody go home early and live their lives.”

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