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Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted in a new interview that he should have been “much more careful” in his early messaging about the COVID-19 pandemic – saying he should have stressed “the uncertainty” at the time. The retiring director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was asked Wednesday while speaking at the University of Southern California if there was anything he wished he had done differently during the pandemic. “You know, the answer is yes, Dan. I mean, my goodness, no one’s perfect. Certainly I am not,” the chief White House medical adviser replied, according to The Hill. “When I go back in the early months, I probably should have tried to be much, much more careful in getting the message to repeat – the uncertainty of what we’re going through,” Fauci said.

San Diego ER Seeing Up To 37 Marijuana Cases A Day – Mostly Psychosis:

“We’re now counting 37 cannabis-related diagnoses a day,” Dr. Roneet Lev, an addiction medicine doctor at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego, said about her emergency department. “It’s been steadily increasing over the years. When I started in the 1990s, there was no such thing. Now I see 1 to 2 cases per shift. The most common symptom is psychosis.”

“We probably see 20 THC-induced psychoses for every amphetamine-induced psychosis,” said Ben Cort, who runs a drug and alcohol treatment center in Colorado. One study showed an increase of 24% in cases of psychoses in emergency departments in Colorado in the five years following marijuana’s legalization in that state in 2012. Since then, legal marijuana has been transformed into a potent and unrecognizable product. “When I speak at parent nights at schools, most adults still think it’s like the weed we smoked when we were teens in the ’80s, [which had] between 3 to 5% THC per gram of flower,” said Laura Stack, an advocate against cannabis abuse in Colorado. “We never had today’s high-potency concentrates, vapes or edibles.”

America’s Test Scores Drop:

National test scores released recently show the largest math declines ever recorded for fourth and eighth grade students across the country, while reading levels dropped to the lowest level since 1992. The results are from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, known as the “nation’s report card,” which tests hundreds of fourth and eighth graders and was administered for the first time since 2019. The results are considered the first nationally represented study of the coronavirus pandemic’s impact on learning. The findings show math scores for eighth graders fell in nearly every state, with the average math score dropping eight points since 2019, from 282 to 274, out of a possible 500. The average math score for fourth graders fell by five points. In reading, both grades’ averages fell three points. Researchers say a 10-point decline or gain is equivalent to about a year of learning.

Examiner – Lens:

A girl carries bottles of water filled from a charity tank at a camp for internally displaced people near Sanaa, Yemen, March 25.

Megyn Kelly Says It’s ‘Too Late’ To Save CNN, ‘Already Told Half The Country They Hate Them’:

Megyn Kelly said there’s no redemption for ratings-challenged cable news channel CNN because the network has “already told half the country that they hate them.” “[In] 2015, I liked CNN a lot,” Kelly said on her Friday podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” which streams live on SiriusXM. Kelly told CNN commentator Mary Katharine Ham, who recently claimed she was “quiet suspended” by the network for her criticism of its handling of the Jeffrey Toobin saga, that she would often watch CNN to prepare for hosting duties at her network at the time, Fox News, when she anchored the nightly show “The Kelly File.” But she said the network “turned” at around that time and became too partisan. “They’re trying to turn things around right now,” Kelly told Ham. “People ask me all the time: Do you think CNN can be saved? Now they have new management and new ownership [and] I think a new commitment to try to win back some Republican viewers.” “Personally, I think it’s too late,” Kelly added. “They’ve already told half the country that they hate them.”

Salman Rushdie Has Lost Sight In One Eye And Use Of One Hand Following Attack:

Salman Rushdie lost sight in one eye and the use of one hand after he was brutally stabbed in the neck during a literary event in upstate New York two months ago, his agent said. The 75-year-old author, whose novel The Satanic Verses has prompted calls for his death, was stabbed in the neck and torso as he walked on stage to deliver a speech at the Chautauqua Institution on August 12. His agent Andrew Wylie gave an update on his condition in an interview with the Spanish newspaper, El País. “[His wounds] were profound, but he’s [also] lost the sight of one eye,” said Wylie. “He had three serious wounds in his neck. One hand is incapacitated because the nerves in his arm were cut. And he has about 15 more wounds in his chest and torso. So, it was a brutal attack.”

Examiner – Lens:

In a new memoir, the “Friends” actor Matthew Perry estimated he has spent $9 million trying to get sober.

Wildly (Politically) Incorrect by George Vandeman:

** Now Disney is ditching its “fairy godmothers.” Its theme parks will now use the more gender neutral title “apprentices” for cast members working at its dress-up salons.

** Ya got to love the World Health Organization. New WHO guidance says that “Sex is not limited to male or female.” It says that it was going “beyond” the use of binary terms to “recognize gender and sexual diversity.”

** You will recall that Woke Oberlin College was assessed $36M in defamation damages to a family-run bakery in Oberlin, Ohio, over false racism claims. The college has now been assessed $4M in interest fees for refusing to pay the money it owes.

** The Michigan Attorney General says “drag queens make everything better” and suggests a “drag queen for every school.” Now, I am the last person to suggest that drag queen shows are not fun. But for schools???

** NPR is being mocked for a tweet warning that the tampon shortage is a problem for “people who menstruate.” Gee, I wonder who those people are.

** The Air Force Academy is promoting a Fellowship Program for “gender minorities.” “Cisgender” men need not apply. (Does that mean you and me?) Eligible applicants must be cisgender women, transgender women, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender, genderfluid and genderqueer. Why can cisgender women join but not cisgender men?

** Another one from the Air Force Academy. The Academy’s diversity training tells cadets to use words that “include all genders,” dropping of course “mom and dad.” They advise cadets to use “person-centered” and gender neutral terms. Consider “parent or care-giver” rather than mom and dad. You can’t say that you are “colorblind” or that you “don’t see color.” You must be color conscious. Not sure how “person-centered” fits in here.

** The Navy has been advised to rename the USS Chancellorsville to avoid ties to the Confederacy. We all know that this is a guided-missile cruiser that was named after General Robert E. Lee’s most famous military victory during the Civil War. Why has it taken so long?

Examiner – Loose Lips:

Megan Fox is clapping back at a social media user after being asked about her kids’ whereabouts. The Jennifer’s Body actress, 36, shared a series of sultry selfies on Instagram Wednesday, where she poses in a fuzzy burgundy hat, a black corset bodysuit and black pants. “Pick me energy [heart & 1/4 moon emojis],” she captioned the photo carousel, garnering tons of comments on her look from fans. Fox however replied to one user who commented on the photo, “where your kids at?” “Wait wait wait, I … have kids?!?” she sarcastically wrote in response. “Oh my god I knew I forgot something!!” “Quick, someone call the valet at the Beverly Hills hotel. That’s the last place I remember seeing them,” she added. “Maybe someone turned them into lost and found.”

Examiner – (Notable) Remarks:

** The longer this war goes on, and the sooner the Russian bleeding becomes intolerable to Putin, the more likely it is that he will escalate, rather than capitulate and accept defeat and humiliation for his country and himself, leading to his removal from power. —- Patrick J. Buchanan

** Fifteen years ago, there was a lot of talk about the obesity epidemic. In 2008, Michelle Obama started a government program called “Let’s Move!” that sought to reduce childhood obesity. You might remember the First Lady teaming up with everyone from Beyonce to Big Bird to promote exercise and better eating habits. Unfortunately, the program was largely a failure. And the obesity statistics continued to rise. 74% of Americans today are either obese or overweight. And yet, we’re no longer talking about it. The national conversation around health and weight has turned away from things like good nutrition, weight loss and the importance of physical fitness, and instead adopted phrases like “fat acceptance” and “healthy at any size.” In some circles, there’s even blanket denial that there is anything unhealthy at all about being obese. —- Bari Weiss

** It’s very likely that you are getting more calories and sugar when you drink a smoothie than when eating whole fruits or vegetables, said Sarah B. Krieger, a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist who spoke for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a professional trade group. Smoothies enjoy a “health halo” that can be misleading, “but the bottom line is quantity, and people are often consuming a 20- or 24-fluid-ounce smoothie. That’s a lot.” Even if you’re making your smoothie at home, using only fruits and vegetables with no other added ingredients, you can drink it in just a few minutes, compared with the 15 or 20 minutes it would take to eat the same fruits or vegetables whole, Ms. Krieger said. And if you’re drinking smoothies frequently, you may be consuming a lot more fruit than you would otherwise. The fiber in whole fruit “acts as a net” to slow down the process by which the body turns sugar from food into blood sugar, Ms. Krieger said, and though the smoothie still contains fiber, it has been pulverized during the blending process. As a result you’re likely to feel hungrier again sooner after drinking the smoothie than you would have had you eaten the same fruits and vegetables whole. And if you aren’t preparing your own smoothies, buyer beware. Commercially prepared and store-bought smoothies often contain added sugar, honey or other sweeteners, protein powder that’s often sweetened, or milk, yogurt, nut butters and other ingredients that make them more filling – and more palatable – but also add calories. —- Roni Caryn Rabin, New York Times

** The decision by GOP leaders in Texas, Florida and Arizona to “share” their abundance of foreign migrants with northern cities and states that boast of their sanctuary status is apparently not a gift the Dems appreciate. In fact, the president and his party are so mad they’re setting fire to the welcome wagons. —- Michael Goodwin

** Among activist journalists, the basic idea is that appeals to “objectivity” – meaning that the journalist will seek out crucial information and act as a neutral arbiter – doesn’t advance social justice. Instead, these journalists are making the same errors they decry from the past, but in the opposite direction. Journalists used to ignore accusations of racism? Well, now the default should be to accept them at face value. Prior generations of (mostly male) journalists didn’t take sexual assault seriously? Well, now we should #BelieveWomen, and journalists themselves should proudly tweet #MeToo. Let’s not worry too much about the fact that believing things reflexively, or participating in activist movements, has typically been anathema to old-school journalism. Leave those concerns to the rapidly aging dinosaurs who will soon be departing our newsrooms. —- Jesse Singal (Author of “The Quick Fix: Why Fad Psychology Can’t Cure Our Social Ills” and cohost of the podcast “Blocked and Reported” and writer of the “newsletter” called “Singal-Minded.”)

** Teachers would rather have a class full of average-IQ kids, all of whom are respectful, responsible, and resourceful, than a class full of kids with IQ’s over 150, but who are lacking in those “Three R’s.” If you don’t believe me, ask a teacher. —- John Rosemond, best-selling child rearing author

** Every generation thinks they have it the hardest when it comes to finding love, but it’s hard to look at mine and conclude that we don’t have a good case. Never before have young people been having so little sex – at least not since we began counting such things. Never before have young people been lonelier. Never before have we been stalked so thoroughly by our past selves, every blunder cataloged in perpetuity. —- Suzi Weiss

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** Meet the world’s youngest mariachi singer. READ

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** Macro photography captures unseen beauty of slime molds. READ

** MLB stadiums ranked by their best snacks. READ

** The humans behind the voices of two iconic transit systems. READ

** Researchers demonstrate technique to rewind the biological clock of skin cells by the equivalent of 30 years. READ

** Scientists discover how gram-negative bacteria, responsible for a wide range of drug-resistant infections, build their protective outer membrane; advance may lead to improved antibiotics. READ

** Brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients show higher frequency of DNA mutations, with the changes being distinct from those seen in normal brain aging. READ

** What to listen to if you want to focus. READ

** Google celebrates Earth Day with time-lapse photos. READ

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Florida Board Of Education Passes New Transgender Restroom Rule:

The Florida Board of Education passed a new rule on Wednesday that requires school boards that allow transgender students to use bathrooms inconsistent with their biological sex at birth to notify parents of the policy. The new rule, 6A-10.086, will mandate public and charter schools to provide “full knowledge” to parents regarding how the school’s restrooms and locker rooms are designated if they are separated for any other reasons than biological sex.

Examiner – A Look Back:

A young boy on an unidentified Harlem street, New York, 1972.

‘Shameless’ Disney Guests Beat Soaring Entry Fees by Sneaking In Kids In Strollers:

The Happiest Place on Earth is becoming rather expensive – which has some parents getting creative on how to cut costs. A TikTok of a woman who disguised an elementary school-age child as a baby to avoid paying the admission price at Disney World has sparked a debate on whether it’s wrong or genius. The video shows a group waiting in line to purchase tickets for the park with a baby-appropriate stroller. A Disney cast member smiles and glances into the stroller, but doesn’t have anything to say about the obviously older child rolling past her, who is covered in a blanket to block her non-infant legs. Once the group is past the worker, the woman lifts the little girl, who is ready to take on the day in a Cinderella dress, out of the stroller and throws the blankets back onto the seat.

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Examiner – Music:

The singers Lucy Simon and Joanna Simon, sisters of Carly Simon, died within a day of each other at 82 and 85.

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** What being cold does to the human body. WATCH

** Why divergent thinkers beat geniuses in the real world. WATCH

** Why it was illegal to slice bread for 47 days in the U.S. WATCH

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Examiner – 20 Years – A Look At 2002

The LBN Examiner was founded on June 1, 2002, an incredible 20 years ago. Let’s take a look back at what was going on in 2002:

** On October 15, Drew Barrymore and comedian Tom Green divorced due to irreconcilable differences after less than a year of marriage.

** On October 26, TV personality Jessica Simpson wed singer-songwriter Nick Lachey at Riverbend Church in Austin, Texas.



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