LBN Examiner 10/31/2021


President Joe Biden’s border crisis reached a new level on Friday as data released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) showed that the Border Patrol has made approximately 1.66 million arrests of illegal aliens entering the U.S. from Mexico for Fiscal Year 2021. “Border crossings surpassed 1.6 million annually at least twice recently, in 1986 and in 2000,” The Wall Street Journal reported. “In 2019, when crossings reached a peak under the Trump administration, the Border Patrol made about 850,000 arrests.” The Journal added that the 1.66 million arrests in Fiscal Year 2021, which started in October 2020, was “the highest annual number ever recorded.” Chad Wolf, former acting DHS secretary and Heritage visiting fellow, slammed Biden in a statement over the latest numbers, calling his policies a failure.

** Migrants From All Over the World are Crossing Illegally Into Yuma, Arizona: The border sector in Yuma, Arizona, is dealing with a surge in illegal border crossings as agents are overwhelmed with the constant flow of migrants. In August of 2020, agents in the Yuma sector encountered less than 700 migrants, compared to August 2021, when agents encountered over 17,000 migrants.

** Cartels Offer Cash to Young Americans Willing to Smuggle Illegal Immigrants: Cartels have been posting ads on social media, asking young Americans to help them smuggle illegal immigrants in exchange for money. The cartels use social media apps such as TikTok and WhatsApp to offer young people cash if they acted as drivers for migrants.

The U.S. is Running out of Warehouse Space, Intensifying Supply Chain Bottlenecks and Adding to Inflation:

Available warehouse space near significant distribution hubs fell to historic lows in the third quarter of 2021, placing even more pressure on supply chain bottlenecks and increasing inflation, according to The Wall Street Journal. Demand for industrial real estate in the third quarter outpaced supply by 41 million square feet, increasing the vacancy rate to 3.6%, down 0.7% from Q3 2020, and marking the lowest level since 2002, according to data from CBRE. Warehouses near the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports in California, some of the most important distribution points of entry in the country, reached a vacancy rate of 1% in Q3 this year. During the same quarter in 2020, the vacancy rate was 2.3%.

Climate Activists Refuse to Speak at D.C. Statehood Rally Because Jewish Groups Will Attend:

The Washington, D.C., chapter of an environmentalist group rejected an invitation to speak at a left-leaning voting rights event because three Jewish groups would be present. We do not “stand with…those who defend Israeli violence,” announced Sunrise DC, a local chapter of the Sunrise Movement, which seeks “to stop climate change.” The local chapter will refuse to speak at the October 23 “Freedom to Vote Relay,” an event that relates to voting rights and statehood for the U.S. capital, because the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), Jewish Council For Public Affairs (JCPA) and Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) will participate in the event, according to a statement. “We oppose Zionism and any state that enforces its ideology…Zionism is incompatible with statehood and political sovereignty,” said Sunrise DC. Beyond refusing to speak at the rally in the presence of the three left-leaning Jewish groups, Sunrise DC asked the event organizers, the Declaration for American Democracy coalition, to remove the Jewish groups from its list of members.

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Photo inside Rikers Island exposes hellish, deadly conditions. As many as 26 men were stuffed into single cells on Rikers Island in New York.

Cigarette Sales Rose in 2020 for First Time in 20 Years:

Americans purchased more cigarettes last year, the first uptick in two decades, according to a new report released by the Federal Trade Commission. The number of cigarettes purchased by wholesalers and retailers rose slightly, 0.4%, to 203.7 billion from 202.9 billion in 2019. The FTC’s Cigarette Report didn’t offer reasons for the increase in sales among the major tobacco companies, Altria Group Inc., MO -1.49% ITG Brands LLC, Reynolds American Inc. and Vector Group Ltd. VGR -1.45%. Altria Group, maker of Marlboro cigarettes, previously pointed to the pandemic as a reason people are lighting up more. Chief Executive Billy Gifford said Americans spent less money on travel, gas and entertainment last year and that fewer social engagements led to more “tobacco-use occasions.”

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Miley Cyrus.

White Volunteers at Art Institute of Chicago are FIRED After Woke Consulting Firm Advised Bosses to Prioritize ‘Equity and Diversity’:

The Art Institute of Chicago fired more than 150 volunteers and suspended its decades-old docent program after the famed museum hired a woke consulting firm that advised the cultural institution to ditch the “wealthy white” guides and prioritize “equity and diversity.” Even worse, the mostly elderly docents, who are well-versed on the exhibits at the nearly 150-year-old museum on Lake Michigan, were terminated by email on September 3 because it wanted to “rebuild our program from the ground up.” The museum – featured prominently in the 1986 hit film “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” – hired The Equity Project, a Colorado-based consulting firm, which found the program was outdated and would often skew toward wealthy white women and had too many barriers preventing people of color from entering the program.

** University Allegedly Attempting to Fire Professor for Saying Hurt Feelings are “No Big Deal”: Coastal Carolina University theater professor Steven Earnest says his employer is trying to fire him after he wrote in September that students’ feelings were hurt too easily over a campus incident. “Sorry but I don’t think it’s a big deal. (I’m) just sad people get their feelings hurt so easily,” reads an email that resulted in Earnest’s de facto suspension sent in response to a school-wide message affirming students’ feelings about an allegedly racist incident that never actually occurred. “I thought my university, where I had worked for over 15 years, would stand behind its faculty. I was wrong,” Earnest said. Several students of color expressed their desire to connect with other students of color in a class hosted by a guest lecturer on September 16, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Other students found the list of non-white students left behind on a whiteboard, assumed the list was malicious and planned a protest. School administrators investigated the incident and explained that it was a misunderstanding to the student body, but added that “this in no way undermines the feelings that any of you feel about this incident,” and “the DEI committee will be discussing with faculty and students the gravity of the situation and how to handle these requests in the future.”

** Bedtime Stories Go Woke!: From Little House on the Prairie to Dr. Seuss, bedtime reading for children is rapidly becoming a battlefield with classic stories slapped with “trigger warnings” for “harmful content” or popular authors such as Enid Blyton “cancelled.” But waiting on the shelves of a bookshop near you to replace them is a whole raft of suitably “woke” literature for children…”How To Be A Better White Person,” “Gender Swapped Fairy Tales” and alternative bedtime stories, such as the tale of a gingerbread man refugee. Awkwardly, retailers have mixed in the adult satire “My First Little Book of Intersectional Activism” – a satire on woke culture written by British comedian Andrew Doyle.

** Superman Changes Motto to “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow,” Says DC Chief: Superman is officially moving on from “the American Way.” Jim Lee, chief creative officer and publisher of DC, announced on Saturday during the virtual fan event DC Fandome that the Man of Steel’s motto will be “evolving” from the well-known mantra that he fights for “Truth, Justice and the American Way.” Superman’s new “mission statement”: “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.” In a press statement, the company said the decision is meant “to better reflect the storylines that we are telling across DC and to honor Superman’s incredible legacy of over 80 years of building a better world.” In reality, Superman has followed several mantras over the decades, all of which involved variations on “truth” and “justice” as central to the iconic superhero’s identity.

** Survey in Fairfax Public Schools Asks Students as Young as 10 About Their Sexual Encounters, Suicide Attempts: Students as young as 10 at Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia were asked how many times they had attempted suicide and detailed questions about their sexual encounters, according to a survey obtained by Parents Defending Education. The survey asks students questions about their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religious activity, grades and family life. Students have to answer questions like, “My parent has had their body hurt from actions (such as punching, kicking, choking, shoving, and pulling of hair) by a spouse/partner,” “How many times in the past year have you…said something bad about someone’s race or culture?” and “Have you ever had a partner in a dating or serious relationship who…pressured you into having sex (going all the way) when you didn’t want to?” PDE is a national grassroots organization that is working to expose “harmful agendas” and “indoctrination in the classroom” through “network and coalition building, investigative reporting, litigation, and engagement on local, state, and national policies,” according to its website. The last question asked students how honest they were in filling out the survey.

Examiner – A Look Back:

W. H. Auden, St. Mark’s Place, New York, March 3, 1960.

Instagram Curates Anorexia Images to Teen Girls Who Have Eating Disorders:

Facebook’s own researchers have found that Instagram barrages teen girls who have anorexia and other eating disorders with photos and videos of other afflicted girls – a practice that experts say has been shown to worsen the disorders. According to an April presentation by Facebook executives, a team of Instagram researchers earlier this year created a test user that followed dieting and thinness-obsessed Instagram accounts, as well as hashtags like #skinny and #thin. Instagram’s algorithm then recommended more eating disorder-related content including images of distressingly thin female bodies and accounts with names like “_skinandbones_,” “applecoreanorexic” and “skinny._.binge,” according to a disturbing internal study.

Examiner – (Notable) Remarks:

** Protesters toppled statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt and at the Oregon Historical Society on October 11, 2020 in Portland. How did this happen? There are a lot of factors that are relevant to the answer: institutional decay; the tech revolution and the monopolies it created; the arrogance of our elites; poverty; the death of trust. And all of these must be examined, because without them we would have neither the far right nor the cultural revolutionaries now clamoring at America’s gates. But there is one word we should linger on, because every moment of radical victory turned on it. The word is cowardice. The revolution has been met with almost no resistance by those who have the title CEO or leader or president or principal in front of their names. The refusal of the adults in the room to speak the truth, their refusal to say no to efforts to undermine the mission of their institutions, their fear of being called a bad name and that fear trumping their responsibility – that is how we got here. —– Bari Weiss

Russian Hackers Return:

A group of Russia-backed hackers responsible for last year’s widespread SolarWinds attack has reportedly been targeting hundreds of companies and organizations in recent months, despite the threat of sanctions. Microsoft announced Monday the group, known as Nobelium, has been stepping up cyberattacks against tech companies resulting in more than 140 attacks since May, including at least 14 breaches where data were stolen. The latest hacking campaign has been targeting cloud computing and managed service providers in the U.S. and Europe to obtain sensitive information and disrupt the global IT supply chain. The most recent attack used unsophisticated methods such as phishing and password spray. The attacks come even after the Biden administration imposed several financial sanctions on Russia and expelled near a dozen diplomats. The moves have done little to slow the attacks – Microsoft reported more than 600 companies attacked since July 1.

Examiner – Lens:

A seal population boom has attracted sharks to the Northeast.

The Real Story by Sarah Garcia:

** Cliches drive me insane but using words to fill the air with foolish garbage is far worse. So, now, I would like to warn you about contemporary words and phrases that signal danger. Let’s begin with “cisgender.” This word is almost always used by leftists who flunked biology. It means “a person whose sense of identity corresponds with birth sex.” So, if you’re born a male you act like a boy and later a man. That’s cisgender. However, woke people object and I guess they also despise the Spencer Davis Group who once loudly wailed: “I’m a man, yes I am, and I can’t help but love you so!” If you hear a person lamenting “cisgender” behavior, run fast.

Examiner – Commentary by David Zucker:

Last year marked the 40th anniversary of the release of “Airplane!,” the comedy I wrote and directed with my brother Jerry and our friend Jim Abrahams. Just before the world shut down, Paramount held a screening at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, followed by a Q&A in which an audience member asked a question we never used to receive: “Could you make ‘Airplane!’ today?” My response: “Of course, we could. Just without the jokes.” Although people tell me that they love “Airplane!” and it seems to be included on just about every Top Five movie-comedy list, there was talk at Paramount of withholding the rerelease over feared backlash for scenes that today would be deemed “insensitive.” I’m referring to scenes like the one in which two black characters speak entirely in a jive dialect so unintelligible that it has to be subtitled. I’ve lost count of the number of people who have said to me, “You couldn’t do that scene today.”

Examiner – Lens:

The world’s tallest woman Rumeysa Gelgi (7′.7″) poses with her mother Safiye Gelgi during a news conference outside their home in Safranbolu, Karabuk province, Turkey, October 14.

Examiner – Investigates:

** New research finds tuberculosis can spread via tiny aerosol droplets; an estimated 90% of bacteria are released during breathing, as opposed to coughing as previously believed.

** Scientists demonstrate new battery chemistry using copper and cellulose nanofibers with up to 100 times more efficient conductivity than current lithium-ion batteries.

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