March 20, 2019

*Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed
bin Salman’s Powers Have
Been Stripped:

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been stripped of some of his financial and economic authority, The Guardian reports. The heir to the Saudi crown has been absent from a number of high-profile meetings in recent weeks, the paper says. One of the Saudi kingdom’s key advisers, Musaed al-Aiban, will now take over investment affairs on the king’s behalf in the crown prince’s absence. The kingdom did not confirm The Guardian’s story. Instead, a spokesman for the Saudi embassy in D.C. told the paper, “It is customary for the king of Saudi Arabia to issue a royal order delegating the power to administer the affairs of the state to his deputy, the crown prince, whenever he travels abroad… Any insinuation to the contrary is simply baseless.”

The report follows The New York Times’ revelation of a “hit squad”—called the Saudi Rapid Intervention Group—that was formed by the man known as MBS and relied upon for as much as two years before the October 2018 murder of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi to execute “the surveillance, kidnapping, detention and torture of Saudi dissidents” on the crown prince’s orders.

Mother Of 11-Year-Old ‘Drag Kid’ Who Performed At Gay Bar Says Child Protective Services Showed Up
At Her Home:

The parents of 11-year-old Desmond Napoles, a so-called “Drag Kid” known as “Desmond is Amazing,” have been investigated by authorities for alleged child abuse, confirmed mother Wendy Napoles via Instagram on Saturday. Desmond, dressed in full drag, danced in a sexually suggestive manner on stage at a New York City-based gay bar called 3 Dollar Bill. As Desmond took off his jacket, howling men in the audience handed him dollar bills, as one might see at a strip club. The Daily Wire confirmed the existence of the disturbing “performance” but has chosen not to link to the exploitative footage.

Since the incident, authorities have been asked by concerned citizens to investigate the family for abuse. According to Life Site News, “Child Protective Services (CPS) investigated Desmond’s family, as did the New York City Administration for Child Services (ACS), the New York Police Department (NYPD), the Child Advocacy Center, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Department of Labor, and the District Attorney’s Office.”

The boy’s mother said in a post that authorities have claimed the abuse allegations are “unfounded.” Wendy evidenced this with screenshots of such determinations via social media. “We have been accused of child abuse, exploitation & maltreatment to the point that we have been backed into a corner trying to defend ourselves,” she said, fashioning herself the victim. “We have been under a microscope since early December. I never thought I would have to breach my own privacy & confidentiality to provide proof that has been demanded of us out of malice,” she added.

 *Iran Wins Leadership Post at UN ‘Gender Equality’ Body, After Sentencing Women’s Rights Advocate to Prison, Lashing:

The United Nations’ body dedicated to “gender equality and the advancement of women” this week handed Iran a key role in evaluating “injustice and discriminatory practices against women” – on the same day as an Iranian court reportedly sentenced a women’s rights advocate to 38 years’ imprisonment and 148 lashes. No Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) member-state raised an objection or called for a recorded vote, and Iran got the post.

Also on Monday, Iranian human rights activists, citing family members, reported news of the sentencing of Nasrin Sotoudeh, a lawyer who represented women charged for protesting the mandatory wearing of the hijab. Sotoudeh, who was arrested last year, was charged with various security offenses, including spying, plotting against the state, and insulting supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

 * Refuses to Take Down Anal Sex ‘How-To’ Guide
Targeting Teens: is refusing to pull a graphic article explaining and promoting anal sex to teenagers, despite widespread outrage from parents.

The article, “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know; How to do it the RIGHT way,” was originally published in July 2017, but was updated in May 2018. Its author, Gigi Engle, writes, “Here is the lowdown on everything you need to know about butt stuff, no matter who you are, whom you’re having sex with, or who you want to have sex with. “This is anal 101, for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk,” she adds.


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What working Americans do when they are ill:

12%: Work from home
34%: Take a sick day
54%: Go to work anyway

Source: CivicScience survey of 2,005 employed adults who work outside home.


The most commonly drawn numbers in the lottery are 44, 38, and 40.


Welcome to Episode # 1 of the revealing TV show “Without Notes” with Eliad Moreh-Rosenberg, curator of the Holocaust Museum in Israel – Episode 1: The Early Years:

*EXAMINER–SPOTLIGHT: Laugh Factory Comedy Club Sues Comedian Harith Iskander for Over 10 Million Dollars in Alleged Breach of Contract and Copyright Infringement Case

The Laugh Factory Comedy Club, one of the world’s most recognized and respected names in the comedy club business over the last three decades, has filed a ten-million-dollar-plus law suit against Malaysian comedian Harith Iskander in a “massive breach of contract and copyright infringement” case according to Laugh Factory lead attorney, Clifton W. Albright. The attorney predicts that, “The impact of this case will be significant and far-reaching for comedy clubs and the protection of their brands, reputation and trade secrets.”

Meanwhile, Clifton W. Albright has filed a lawsuit against Iskander and any “business partners” for over 10 million dollars. The lawsuit alleges that Iskander and his wife, with the support of business partners, stole Laugh Factory’s intellectual property while pretending to make preparations for opening Laugh Factory comedy clubs throughout Asia.

“In 35 years, I’ve never once sued a comedian,” states Jamie Masada, owner of Laugh Factory, “I’m standing up for all the comics that have had their work or intellectual property stolen in the past.”

The Laugh Factory originally opened its doors in 1979, and has been recognized as “the #1 comedy club in the country” by such high-profile media as USA Today. With Southern California locations in Hollywood (its original Sunset Boulevard locale) and Long Beach (opened in 2008), comedy’s top stars as well as today’s brightest emerging talent shine on its legendary stage.


 Famed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Kotler along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prizewinners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.

The Brits and Canadians I know certainly love their single-payer health care systems. If one of their politicians suggested they should switch to the American health care model, they’d throw him out the window. So single-payer health care, or in our case “Medicare for all,” is worth taking seriously. I’ve just never understood how we get from here to there, how we transition from our current system to the one Bernie Sanders has proposed and Elizabeth WarrenKamala Harris and others have endorsed.

Despite differences between individual proposals, the broad outlines of Medicare for all are easy to grasp. We’d take the money we’re spending on private health insurance and private health care, and we’d shift it over to the federal government through higher taxes in some form.

Then, since health care would be a public monopoly, the government could set prices and force health care providers to accept current Medicare payment rates. Medicare reimburses hospitals at 87 percent of costs while private insurance reimburses at 145 percent of costs. Charles Blahous, a former Social Security and Medicare public trustee, estimates that under the Sanders plan, the government could pay about 40 percent less than what private insurers now pay for treatments.

*EXAMINER–COMMENTARY by Thomas L. Friedman:
Goodness knows I’m loath to write anything these days that would feed Donald Trump’s ego. But this time it’s unavoidable. There is a new global political era emerging that, while not entirely attributable to Trump, his party and his administration, they’ve surely played a huge role in fostering. A variety of analysts have now given this era the same name: “Anything goes.” And for good reason. Look around the world and not only do you see a democratic recession — the number of democracies abandoning their democratic bona fides with sham elections is steadily mounting — but you see something much more grotesque: Leaders are grabbing power for life, murdering or jailing even the mildest of critics and shamelessly building coalitions with openly racist and bigoted parties.

Most important, they’re doing it with utter impunity — confident that either no one is watching or no one will meaningfully call them out. This is what happens when people think Americaisn’t looking, doesn’t care or worse, has a president, himself having uttered over 9,000 lies and misleading statements, who has zero moral authority to call out others. When it comes to being a global watchdog that tries to enforce some basic norms of decency, America under Trump is out to lunch — and a lot of people have figured that out, and so anything goes.