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** Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I loved putting up twinkling bats and watching midnight monster-chiller-horror movies. Not this year. The world is too scary. Politics is too creepy. Horror is too real. —- Maureen Dowd

** “Woke” doctors and hospitals mutilating children’s bodies and minds for money/profit should not only lose their licenses and be cut off from all federal/state funds, they should be imprisoned. —- Tulsi Gabbard

** That’s why the left is indoctrinating 5-year-olds with perverse sexualization propaganda. Changing the definition of words and phrases like “woman,” “vote by mail,” and “recession” to fit their fanatical agenda. Calling parents “domestic terrorists.” And convincing an entire generation of young boys and girls that they can change their gender if they “think” they were “born in the wrong body.” —- Marissa Streit

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Americans Kidnapped In Mexico:

Four U.S. citizens were kidnapped in March after crossing the border into Mexico by unidentified armed men, according to reports. The victims were taken at gunpoint from their minivan in the border city of Matamoros in the state of Tamaulipas, across from Brownsville, Texas. The four Americans were then placed in another vehicle and driven from the scene. Mexican and U.S. officials said two of the four U.S. citizens were found dead and two are alive. The kidnapping came on the same day as a violent shooting across the city left four dead. Matamoros is home to one of the most important operational bases for the Gulf drug cartel. U.S. officials were ordered to avoid the area; however, it is uncertain if the abduction is related to the violence. The victims were believed to have been traveling to Mexico for medical purposes, according to receipts found in their vehicle. Tamaulipas is one of six Mexican states the U.S. advises citizens against traveling to, citing the risk of crime and kidnapping.

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** Iowa-Louisville women’s Elite Eight game draws record audience of 2.49 million viewers, thanks to Iowa guard Caitlin Clark’s historic performance.

** Norway police make country’s largest-ever cocaine seizure in Oslo, discovering about 1,760 pounds of the drug in boxes of fruit.

** The price of a first-class stamp is rising to 66 cents, a 32% increase since 2019.

** The world’s most expensive license plate sells for $15M in Dubai.

** Americans are working fewer hours than before the pandemic, averaging 36.9 hours per week in November 2022, down from 37.5 hours in January 2020.

** Philippine toy maker creates lifelike pet plushies, costing $65 each, for grieving owners.

The Data Examiner:

Expect More Climate Catastrophes

The new analysis, a synthesis of six previous reports by the United Nations’ climate group, presents a mixed picture of the world’s fight against climate change. Here are three takeaways:

1) The world is on track to surpass a significant level of warming. The world is likely to hit what scientists consider relatively safe levels of warming – 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial temperatures – by the early 2030s, the report warned. Countries could still take steps to prevent that, by slashing greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 and no longer adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by the 2050s. But the required measures are so extreme that they seem increasingly unlikely, many experts say.

2) On the current track, brace for more disasters. Continued warming will mean more catastrophic flooding, deadly heat waves, crop-destroying droughts and other extreme weather. Some of those effects are already visible. Last year, record-breaking heat waves hit much of the world, including the U.S. and Europe, and floods submerged a third of Pakistan.

3) The world has made some real progress. In the past, climate reports warned that warming could surpass four degrees Celsius (7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100. Today, the Earth is on a trajectory of around two to three degrees Celsius (3.6 to 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit), thanks to the uptake of cleaner energy and to projections that coal use will decline. That difference of a few degrees can, like a fever, prevent more catastrophic events.

The Power Of ‘Dark Side’:

Mortality, madness and greed: On “The Dark Side of the Moon,” released 50 years ago today, Pink Floyd transformed grim subjects into indelible rock music. The album’s sonic experimentation – the ticking clocks of “Time,” the soaring vocals of “The Great Gig in the Sky” – have had an enduring appeal. The record spent almost 14 years on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart, and it remains popular on streaming platforms. “‘Dark Side’ was an album that worked equally well to show off a new stereo,” the Times critic Jon Pareles writes, “or to be contemplated in private communion with headphones and a joint.”


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