The Data Examiner 05/21/2023

Drug Shortages Near An All-Time High, Leading To Rationing:

Thousands of patients are facing delays in getting treatments for cancer and other life-threatening diseases, with drug shortages in the United States approaching record levels. Hundreds of drugs are on the list of medications in short supply in the United States, as officials grapple with an opaque and sometimes interrupted supply chain, quality and financial issues that are leading to manufacturing shutdowns. The shortages are so acute that they are commanding the attention of the White House and Congress, which are examining the underlying causes of the faltering generic drug market, which accounts for about 90% of domestic prescriptions.

New Study Reveals That Gorillas Display Remarkable Resilience:

A new study reveals that gorillas display a remarkable resilience that exceeds that of humans and other species. Typically, most species that encounter significant adversity early in life tend to face greater hardships as they age. Many animals even experience shorter lifespans or health complications, suggesting the presence of an underlying biological mechanism. However, researchers from the University of Michigan have found that gorillas who survive beyond the age of six appear largely unscathed by the difficulties experienced in their youth.

The Data Examiner – Lens:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., 89 years old, returns to the Capitol after a three-month health absence.

The Data Examiner – (Notable) Remarks:

** When it comes to abortion, Americans tend to embrace the kind of compromise position that is the law in most European countries, where is abortion is legal in the first trimester and outlawed after about 15 weeks. But if the choice is between being forced to carry a baby to term without exception – including cases of rape and incest, and cases in which the health of the mother is in danger or the baby is not expected to live for more than a few hours – voters will choose whatever else is on the ballot. —- Bari Weiss

** A convulsion has shaken America and many other Western democracies over the past few years. People became disgusted with established power, trust in many institutions neared rock bottom, populist fury rose from right and left. On the right, in America, this manifested as Donald Trump. To his great credit, Trump reinvented the G.O.P. He destroyed the corporate husk of Reaganism and set the party on the path to being a multiracial working-class party. To his great discredit, he enshrouded this transition in bigotry, buffoonery and corruption. He ushered in an age of performance politics – an age in which leaders put more emphasis on attention-grabbing postures than on practical change. —- David Brooks

** The military still needs troops in this dangerous world, and recruiting suffers when there are fewer veterans to serve as role models and storytellers. “The grandpas, uncles, aunts who served just have an extraordinary influence,” Thomas Spoehr, a retired Army lieutenant general who is the director of the Center for National Defense at the Heritage Foundation, told me. “You may not think it’s a big deal, but it plants a seed in young people. It helps with recruiting.” —- Peter Coy

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** The SEC has just paid out its largest-ever award to a whistleblower, a sum just shy of $279 million. That more than doubles the previous record, of $114 million, awarded in October 2020.

** German engineers are accidentally cutting 100,000 cables a year, because the country collectively doesn’t know exactly where it’s buried millions of miles of cables and pipes.

** Twitter has so far convinced ~640,000 users to sign up to pay for Twitter Blue.

** 48% of Americans now worry about the safety of their banked cash, 3% more than in 2008.

The Data Examiner – Bookkeeping:

** Roughly 150,000 people are expected to attend the Kentucky Derby, while an estimated 522,000 cans of beer, 142,000 hot dogs, and 120,000 mint juleps will be consumed.

** Analysis finds 50% of mothers in the U.S. have no retirement savings.

** Americans were estimated to spend a record total of $35.7B on Mother’s Day.

** Job satisfaction hit a 36-year high in 2022, with 62.3% of U.S. workers saying they were satisfied.

The Data Examiner – Lens:

Illegal migrants crossing the Rio Grande on Wednesday, May 10, 2023.

The Data Examiner – Facts:

** Every year Gallup releases a survey that measures public confidence in a variety of American institutions, including the police. In 2022, no institution (aside from the presidency) reflected a greater partisan trust gap than the police. A full 67% of Republicans expressed confidence in the police, versus only 28% of Democrats.

** Americans are taking a been-there, done-that approach to the 2024 presidential election. Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, 58% prefer somebody other than President Biden be their standard-bearer in two years, and 49% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say the same about former President Donald Trump, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released. While 44% of Republicans support Trump being their nominee, only 31% of Democrats back Biden running for re-election. The poll also found that 62% of Americans would be “dissatisfied” or “angry” if Biden won, and 56% would feel the same if Trump was victorious.

** Video showing women who appear to be sex workers soliciting right outside a Catholic grade school in East Oakland is raising concerns about human trafficking in the area. Parents and city officials tell the I-Team young women, some police believe may be trafficked, are walking outside St. Anthony’s K-8 grade school off E. 15th Street in Oakland at all hours of the day.

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Brown University researchers drew on U.N. data and expert analyses to attempt to calculate the minimum number of excess deaths attributable to the war on terrorism, across conflicts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. The accounting, so far as it can be measured, puts the toll at 4.5 million to 4.6 million – a figure that continues to mount as the effects of conflict reverberate. Of those fatalities, the report estimates, some 3.6 million to 3.7 million were “indirect deaths” caused by the deterioration of economic, environmental, psychological and health conditions.

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New Wave Of Iranian Poisonings:

New cases of suspected poisonous-gas attacks on mainly girls’ schools in Iran emerged following a wave of incidents in recent months. Thousands of students have reportedly been affected by similar incidents since the first cases were reported in November, with at least 26 schools being affected on a single day in March. The news comes after Iran announced the arrest of more than 100 people in connection with the poisoning incidents. Iranian officials suggest the incidents may be a deliberate effort to prevent girls from receiving an education.


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The Data Examiner – Trends:

** Since even before the COVID pandemic began, more working-age college graduates have been leaving New York, Chicago and Los Angeles than moving to those areas. Over the past few years – as remote work became more common – the list of regions losing college-educated workers has grown to include San Francisco and Washington. Many of the people leaving those places have moved to less expensive major metro areas, like Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Nashville, Phoenix and Tampa.

** Twenty-one percent of U.S. adults believe it is a good time to buy a house, down nine percentage points from the prior low recorded last year. The 2022 and 2023 readings are the only times that less than half of Americans have perceived the housing market as being good for buyers in Gallup’s trend since 1978.



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