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Trapezius-muscle Botox – commonly known as “Barbie Botox” and “trap tox” – has become a cosmetic trend. Influencers and providers say the injections, which are given near the shoulders, can create the illusion of a slender, elongated neck. One doctor said he is now seeing eight to 10 trap-tox patients a week; he previously saw between four and six a year.

Apple To Test Premium iPhones Price Limits:

Prices for some updated models are expected to rise by $100 after the iPhone 15 announcement. Apple’s challenge will be to convince customers that the Pro features – expected to include titanium casing and improved processors – warrant a pricey upgrade. That strategy has worked phenomenally well in recent years, but some analysts warn it will soon hit a ceiling.


The UFO Days festival in Elmwood, Wisconsin.

Are Profitable Banks Riskier:

You might expect that the most profitable banks would be the safest. In fact, the opposite is often the case, according to a new working paper by Ben Meiselman of the Treasury Department, Stefan Nagel of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and Amiyatosh Purnanandam of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. “High profits in good times should be indicative of a systematically risky asset portfolio that is likely to suffer in bad times,” they wrote. In an interview, Nagel said the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, which occurred after most of the work on the paper was done, was consistent with their thesis. He acknowledged that their new measure isn’t perfect. For example, he said, the largest banks may have high returns on equity without being especially risky, possibly because of strong market positions. That would need to be taken into account.

“Intel for Influencers” – Who Reads The Data Examiner?

“Eat, Pray, Love” best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert along with 12 members of the White House staff, 3 Nobel Prize winners, over 100 Academy Award winners, 6 U.S. Senators, and over 300 Grammy Award winners.

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** A record 73.5 million Americans plan to bet during the NFL season.

** Shipper pays $2.4M to jump a line to pass through the drought-hit Panama Canal.

** Apple’s Major League Soccer Season Pass subscriptions see 110,000 new sign-ups on the day of Lionel Messi’s first game.


** Eleven of the most faked foods in the world. WATCH

** How “The Last of Us” special effects team made the fungi-controlled monsters. WATCH

** Tour the set of “Only Murders in the Building” from Season 3. WATCH


Times Square looks a lot like its bad old self, with vagrants, boozy migrants, junkies, and scofflaws making the Crossroads of the World look more like the third world, infuriating those who played an essential role in its cleanup.


** Since 2000, white working-class Americans between the ages of 45 and 54 have been one of the only demographics in the world that has seen its life expectancy fall. These deaths are mostly suicides. Some are officially blamed on alcoholism and addiction, but that’s just suicide in slow motion.

** Afghanistan’s extremist Taliban government released photographs of some of the U.S. military equipment that it seized in the wake of President Joe Biden’s pullout from Afghanistan. The photos come after Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 left up to a maximum of $24 billion worth of weapons and equipment in the hands of the Taliban.

** Add France to the list of countries banning TikTok from government-issued devices for security reasons. French officials actually went one step further, banning all recreational apps.

** Elon Musk, who paid $44B for Twitter, reportedly claimed in March it’s worth $20B, telling employees their stock grants would be worth the lower valuation and that he sees “a clear but difficult path” to $250B.

** A staffer who works for Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY.) was stabbed in March on a busy commercial street in Northeast Washington, according to a statement from the senator and public records.

** The touring Museum of Failure has landed in Brooklyn. Its collection of questionable products includes Google Glass, a Colgate lasagna, several terrible Oreo flavors, and Bic’s “for her” pens.

** The movie “Jesus Revolution” has grossed $49 million in ticket sales so far – besting many of this year’s Oscar nominees.

** Despite its nearly 3-hour runtime, Keanu Reeves only says 380 words as the eponymous hero in the latest John Wick movie.

** South Korea will give new parents $770-a-month for having a child, as the government looks to reverse its waning birth rate issue.

** George Washington University dropped the nickname “Colonials” and changed it to “Revolutionaries” for its athletic teams after years of pressure from students who said the name was entangled with violence toward Native Americans and other colonized people.

** Sen. Bernie Sanders faced off with Starbucks exec Howard Schultz over the chain’s anti-unionization efforts, which Sanders called “the most aggressive and illegal union-busting campaign in the modern history of our country.” Schultz repeatedly denied wrongdoing.

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Annual drug overdose deaths in Oregon.

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** The USA loves its guacamole so much that it now buys 86% of the avocados that Mexico exports, up from only 30% in 2003.

** Las Vegas now has the world’s largest spherical structure at 366-feet-tall and 516-feet-wide and it is an entertainment venue.

** CFA Level II, a finance exam with a notoriously low pass rate, has had its success rate jump above historic average to 52%.

** 55% of Americans are anticipating routine space tourism to become available within the next 50 years.

** Parents are paying up to $4k to hire consultants and coaches to secure sorority spots for their daughters.

** Companies are exceeding expectations, with some 78% of those that have disclosed Q2 earnings reporting better than predicted numbers.


Pieces Of Life-Long Wisdom In An Age Of Nonsense


** According to a poll out from NBC News, 70% of Americans do not want President Biden to run for a second term, compared to only 26% who do. Among those who don’t want the 80-year-old president to pursue a second term, 69% cite age as a reason why, with 48% calling it a “major” reason.

** More people are going hands-free when messaging – 30% of respondents in a recent YouGov poll say they communicate via voice note “weekly, daily or multiple times a day.”

** As U.S. politicians continue to weigh TikTok’s future, a Wall Street Journal poll found 46% of Americans in support of a nationwide ban, with 35% opposed. Surprising nobody, 59% of older respondents (65+) want TikTok ousted, while 48% of the youngest demographic (18-34) oppose a ban.

** Only two radio formats are on the rise in the U.S. – “classic hits” and “urban contemporary” – according to Inside Radio analysis. Classic hits stations most often play chart-toppers from the late 1960s to the early 2000s, while urban contemporary includes R&B and hip-hop.

** In recent years, support for the military has plummeted more than in any other American institution – with 45% of Americans voicing trust in the armed forces in 2021 versus 70% in 2018. This decline is almost entirely due to younger Americans: among those 18 to 44, confidence in all the branches of the military is in the low- to mid-40% range; for those 45 and up, it’s in the 80% range, according to a 2022 YouGov survey.

** WalletHub’s analysis of 11 US airlines ranked Delta highest for the second year in a row. Budget airline Spirit came in second and Southwest ranked last.

** Dropbox will lay off 500 people, ~16% of its workforce. CEO Drew Houston blamed the economy and a pivot to AI that “requires a different mix of skill sets.”

** Lyft will lay of 1k+ people, ~26% of its corporate workforce, following a 13% reduction in November.

** Kevin Durant becomes third NBA player with lifetime Nike deal. The 34-year-old Phoenix Suns star inked a lifetime contract with the company, joining Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Durant has been with Nike since 2007.

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