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Over the past two decades, Israel’s military has focused on advanced air, defense and intelligence systems, believing that its main security threats were unconventional threats from rockets and insurgent attacks. In early October, Hamas used bulldozers and other rudimentary means to launch a relatively low-tech frontal assault that caught Israel’s armed forces off guard. The Israeli military is now preparing for the possibility of a large-scale operation in Gaza, where it will have to rely more heavily on infantry and conventional artillery.

San Francisco Paying $12,000 Per Month For Homeless RVs While Tech Workers Sleep In $700 ‘Pods’:

San Francisco is pouring millions of dollars into an RV park for the homeless, while young people trying to get a break in their careers are reduced to living in 4-feet high by 3.5-feet wide “pod” spaces for $700 a month. The city opened a “safe parking site” at Candlestick Point in January 2022, which is home to 30 RVs – each of which cost the city $12,000 a month to keep there. The site, named the Bayview Vehicle Triage Center, has been recommended to be opened for another two years, which will cost the city at least $12.2 million.


Young girls in hijabs waved Palestinian flags in the street. Men in ski masks hung from scaffolding chanting, “Israel, go to hell.” And pamphlets rained from the sky, lauding the recent violence by Hamas as “heroic.” This wasn’t the Middle East. This was Midtown Manhattan, home to the second-largest Jewish population in the world after Israel, just days after Israel herself was ambushed by Hamas in the deadliest terrorist attack in the country’s history.


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A new report suggests a hacker group linked to the Vietnamese government attempted a widespread phishing campaign against U.S. politicians and journalists earlier this year. The approach relied on compromised links posted to social media. READ


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