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The Palestinian son of a Hamas co-founder – who later converted to Christianity – warned the world that if Israel does not succeed in eliminating Hamas “all of us will be next.” Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, spoke flanked by Israeli flags. Referring to the Hamas massacre and atrocities committed against Israel on October 7, he stated, “This crime cannot be forgiven. None of us should forgive this crime.” Speaking of the Israeli attack on Hamas in Gaza, he explained how those people killed in Gaza by Israel were part of Hamas’ plan to demonize Israel, saying, “So Israel now got stained by blood. This is what Hamas wanted to happen from day one. They wanted to sacrifice thousands of children so Israel can take the blame. Digging tunnels and bunkers under hospitals, schools … Hamas misfired. How many people killed at the hospital and they went so fast to blame Israel and the rest of the world listened to them and listened to their propaganda?” “Nobody’s concerned to check what is true and what is false; whatever that serves our political and short-term interests we go for it,” he continued, referring to the willingness of those supporting Hamas to believe lies perpetuated against Israel. “Suicidal. Not knowing that we are going against evolution; we are going against the collective consciousness of humanity.”

Tesla Vs. Toyota Is The New Hot Battle In Cars:

As hybrid sales slumped and electric-vehicle sales rose a year ago, the EV-hybrid debate looked settled. Elon Musk’s vision for an EV future is being challenged anew by Toyota’s re-energized hybrid plans. Hybrid vehicles, which are often cheaper than all-electric rivals, have seen a surge in buyers this year, in part because of new offerings by Toyota and its luxury brand Lexus.


Because of a hip issue, Meg Ryan walks with a slight limp, which she incorporated into her character in “What Happens Later.”


** Massive waterspout spotted off Italy’s coast. WATCH

** Dolphins outsmart crab traps to secure bait. WATCH

** Tracing the history of barber-surgeons in medieval Europe. WATCH

** Why the U.S. pays $10M a year for this yacht in San Diego, California. WATCH

Owners Are Keeping Zombie Malls Alive Even When Towns Want To Pull The Plug:

Hundreds of older, low-end U.S. malls have lost at least half of their value since the industry’s peak in late 2016, according to real-estate research firm Green Street. As values fall below their outstanding debt balances, owners usually stop paying the mortgages and look to renegotiate or hand back the keys. That’s when Namdar Realty Group and Mason Asset Management like to swoop in. The New York-based real-estate partners make money by buying malls cheap and keeping them going, even as town officials beg them to sell them.

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A 43-year-old hedge fund executive uses robots to search for deep-sea treasure on the ocean floor – believed to have more artifacts than all the world’s museums combined. READ

To Close A Learning Gap, An Illinois School District Is Offering Classes Separated By Race:

School leaders in a suburban Chicago district have been battling a sizable academic achievement gap between Black, Latino and white students for decades. So a few years ago, it tried something new at the high school: classrooms voluntarily separated by race. Researchers have found small improvements in grades and retention from such programs. Federal laws prevent public schools from mandatorily separating students by race, but education lawyers say optional courses can comply with the law. Critics say the classes undermine the goal of the Civil Rights Act.

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